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Trent Harrison is Paxton's best friend, and a student at Sherman Oaks High. He is also Eleanor's boyfriend. He is portrayed by Benjamin Norris.


Trent Harrison has the personality of an honest, caring, nice, yet kind of a clueless person who often doesn't know how to do things at the right time. He cares a lot about Paxton, and he is affected by what he is going through, as seen when he tries to help Paxton when he was in pain from his accident, falling off the roof due to how worried he was. However, he often tends to be quite insensitive towards other people he doesn't know, as seen by how he bullies Devi just because she is "not cool". He can also be a little mean sometimes like the time he slapped Ben, but deep down he is a good person.

Physical Appearance[]

Trent Harrison is a teenage male with thick long, dark brown, wavy hair and dark brown eyes. He wears unbuttoned collared shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. He also wears backwards baseball caps. Trent has been rumored to have a large erotic member. In Season 2 episode 4, Ben states that Trent was "more than a shower", indicating Trent indeed has a large member.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Trent is Paxton's goofy best friend. They are often seen hanging out in his basement.

Season 2[]

Trent starts to get feelings for Eleanor. He asks her to the school dance and they attend together.

Season 3[]

Eleanor and Trent start dating. They hit a rocky point but eventually repair their relationship after revealing their insecurities to each other. Later, Trent asks Eleanor and Paxton to throw a birthday party for him and invite the entire school.

Trent supports Eleanor's quest to become an actress. He helps her record a video in which she recites Jennifer Lopez's monologue from Hustlers to send to talent agents.

Trent believes that his relationship with Paxton will end when Paxton gets a letter of acceptance at Arizona State University. Eventually he realizes, with Eleanor's help, that Paxton will always be his friend.

Trent finds out that he has to repeat senior year at the end of Season 3.

Season 4[]

Trent and Eleanor are going strong. Trent even proposes to Eleanor but she rejects him, claiming they are still kids and she isn't ready. Trent breaks up with Eleanor because he feels he will hold her back from her ambitions and will never be good enough for her.

Trent helps Ben admit he has feelings for Devi and gives him weed gummies to chill out.

Eleanor and Trent eventually get back together. When Eleanor complains to Trent about not getting any parts, he gives her the idea to direct her own films and act in them. Later, after high school, Trent helps Eleanor on set when she becomes a director.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • Trent likes to litter.
  • Trent's father is a sommelier.[1]
    • His father moved to Napa.[2]
  • Trent's uncle is Uncle Joe. [3]
  • Eleanor is Trent's first girlfriend. [4]
  • Trent's mom likes to hit on his friends.[5]
  • Ms. Warner refers to him as the "13th grader who routinely hangs his backpack on the fire alarm."[6]
  • He is a Sagittarius


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