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My advice to you is to push yourself out there, defy other people's expectations of you, and don't ever let a label define you.
— Paxton at his graduation speech in ... lived the dream

Paxton Hall-Yoshida is one of the main characters on Never Have I Ever. He was a student at Sherman Oaks High, was formerly Devi Vishwakumar's boyfriend, and is a member of the Hall-Yoshida family. He is portrayed by Darren Barnet.


Paxton Hall-Yoshida is a genuine and generally kind-hearted guy, but he is aware that he doesn't try his very hardest in classes. It takes a while for him to get motivated to improve his grades and himself as a person. While it does take a bit to motivate him, he is easily intrigued by Devi, later showing his more poopy and singly Booty passionate side. Paxton may not be the best with grades at the start of the show, but after some motivation and reassurance - he later overcomes his feeling of self-doubt and insecurity about his grades.

Paxton does genuinely try, with Devi's tutoring and encouragement, but to keep his reputation and maintain his effortless spot at the top he acts in public like he doesn't care. It is later revealed in Season 2 after he breaks his arm, that he does plan on going to college, and that he doesn't feel like his efforts are ever appreciated by family and friends. In an episode where Paxton's side of the story is narrated by Gigi Hadid, it is revealed that Paxton feels used and like someone who can casually have sex with because he is attractive as anyone would.

Nalini is someone who pushes these feelings further and often intimidates Paxton with her remarks about his smarts. To Nalini, Paxton is just seen as a reckless boy or a "walking HPV infection." This makes Paxton think to himself about his feelings toward Devi, thus he starts avoiding her as he thinks it's for the best. He feels his life is a tangled mess after he met Devi, showing he has doubts about his friendship with her.

Physical Appearance[]

Paxton Hall-Yoshida is a nineteen-year-old male who is about 5'10" tall. Paxton is considered attractive by all people in Sherman Oaks, owing to a combination of a strong jawline, high cheekbones, dark brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, and an overall fit and athletic body. Paxton typically dresses in unbuttoned collared shirts, undershirts, jeans, and sneakers. For swimming practice, he wears swimming trunks.


Paxton grew up in a somewhat Christian family, albeit a bit more liberal and open-minded, his parents being "Jesus-y but in a chill way," and was surrounded by an upper-middle class, loving family who wanted him to do his best. He is very close with his grandpa and the two playfully joke together while he is also very close to his sister Rebecca, who will call him out when needed. He is also very protective of Rebecca, protecting her with a Nerf gun at night when he was little (which resulted in their cat losing an eye) and frequently helps her out with her fashion-related goals.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Meeting Devi[]

On the first day of school, he walks into history class which he failed as a sophomore and was forced to retake. Devi can't take her eyes off him and unknowingly says "damn" which gets everyone, including him, to turn around and look at her.

Screenshot (32)

Paxton meeting Devi for the first time.

Late in the evening, Paxton is leaving with the swim team after swim practice when Devi calls out his name and introduces herself. Paxton looks at her without saying anything then she finally asks him if he ever would consider having sex with her. He looks surprised. She apologizes and turns around to walk away. He says okay, if it is just sex and nothing more. She says that it is just sex, to which he replies that he is down.

Hooking-up with Her[]

He is sitting at The Hot Pocket when Devi walks over to ask him if she can talk to him about their conversation from the other day, which he had totally forgotten about. He remembers and asks her if she wants to do it at his place after school. She suddenly gets cold feet and tells him she has orchestra after school.

Screenshot (15)

Devi touching Paxton's chest.

Devi storms out of her orchestra class, after having a flashback from the night her father died, and sees that Paxton is about to head home for the day. She tells him that she can go to his house to have sex, so he gives her a ride in his car. While walking into his garage with Devi, he has a brief conversation with his grandfather on the phone in Japanese.

He asks Devi if he can get her a drink and gives her a beer. He takes off his shirt, which makes Devi drop her beer on the ground in shock. He then tells her that he must shave his chest for swimming and that the stubble might irritate Devi's skin. He lets her touch his chest. With his hand on hers, and hers on his chest, she gets nervous and stumbles which causes her to get hurt and start to bleed. She uses the distraction as a good excuse to get out of there.

Finishing a run, he sees Devi in the front of his house, asking if she is good to go into the garage to have sex with him for the second time. Sitting on the couch, Devi asks him if she can freshen up before hooking up with him. In the bathroom while freshening up, she meets his sister, Rebecca. In Rebecca's room, Devi and Rebecca start talking and Paxton walks in on them, Paxton starts to freak out and rushes Devi out of his house. On the porch, he asks her why she is sneaking around his house talking to his sister, he also asks her if she believes that Paxton is embarrassed by his sister, he ends up so hotheaded that he ends up telling Devi that it's better if they don't have sex that day.

Screenshot (33)

Paxton apologizing to Devi.

The next day, she walks towards Paxton who's in the Hot Pocket to talk to him and he looks at her and turns his face back to talk to his friends. Later on in the day, Paxton goes to Devi's house and apologizes for the way he treated Devi, because he is protective of his sister, because she used to get bullied by people, he thought were his friends and tells her that he doesn't think it's a good idea to have sex.

The History Project[]

Screenshot (34)

Working on the project.

For a history project, he asks Devi if she wants to join his group and she accepts it. The first day working on the project he calls Devi, Lil' D. The second day he tells Devi and Trent that he said a slogan which was: "Bunkr. Just open up the app by clicking on the icon. Put you address, and you'll find a bunker in your neighborhood if one if available. Bunkr." Trent directly says to him that his slogan sucks, but Devi tells him that it was good and that she will take a quick pass over his and Trent's section to make sure everything flows well together.

Trent mentions that he is having a party because his parents are out of town, which everyone he knows is invited, which includes Paxton. He is happy when he sees that it is Devi who is at the door and that she brought California Brittle. Handing a beer to Devi, she asks him if he is having one and says to her that he doesn't drink during swim season. After Trent pulls him away from Devi to go mess with Phil, who took some shrooms, Ben points Devi to him flirting with Zoe Maytag, to ask if she was with him at the party.

Screenshot (35)

Paxton taking a selfie with Devi to assure the others that Devi's not dead

Seeing Paxton flirting with Zoe, she drinks a lot of beer, outside she sees a coyote and gets bitten by it. Paxton runs outside, picks her up from the lawn and brings her to the hospital. At the hospital, he takes a picture with her to post on his Instagram to let the others/students know that she's good. When he lets her tag herself in the post, he asks her what she was thinking getting so close to the coyote and says to him that she thought that it was her dead father and if doesn't think that she's crazy and says to her that he thinks she is crazy, but in a good way. Nalini arrives and asks him who he is, he tells her what's wrong with Devi and calls him Dr. Walking HPV, asking to tell her more and to get out of there.

The Rumor[]

Devi by bus arrived at the hotel they were staying (for the model UN), she and Ben think they are alone on that bus and says to her that she thought that she was hot shit, because she is having sex with Paxton, but a girl is still on the bus and hears everything and spreads it, what Paxton hears of too. He sends messages asking why she was lying to everyone that she was having sex with him, which she only sees in the morning.

Screenshot (36)

Paxton talking to Devi.

Back at school, Devi walks to Paxton who is standing to his locker and tries to apologize but he tells her that he is getting texts from people asking him if he's had sex with her. She tells him that Fabiola and Eleanor assumed it and that she never corrected them, he then asks her why she didn't correct them. He tells her that he thought that they were friends, but instead she is using him. He closes his locker with a hard bang after she tells him that he's being dramatic and tells her it's a rumor that she started and walks away.

He doesn't talk to Devi for a few days, one day Devi receives a message from him to go to his house, because needing her and that she owed him. It happened to be the time when her friends needed her too. She chooses to go to his house.

Screenshot (37)

During Devi's photoshoot.

Devi arrives at Paxton's house seeing Paxton sitting on the porch and says to her that his sister needs her not him, to model a few outfits for her portfolio, because she's applying to fashion school. Sitting on the porch after the shoot, he thanks her for helping. After that, she thanks him for not telling people that she lied about them and says to her that he doesn't fake kiss and tell and that they can be friends again after she asked if they can be friend again.

Ben's Birthday Party[]

Arriving at Ben's birthday party, Paxton sees Devi and her best friends in a conflicting discussion, standing there he hears his name, that Devi only cares about popularity and him. Devi falls into the pool so he helps her to get out and lets her borrow his sweatshirt and pants.

Screenshot (20)

Paxton and Devi Kissing.

He offers Devi a ride home, because she's supposed to be home by 11 o'clock. On the ride home, both are quiet and constantly looking at each other. Arrived in front of her house he asks her if she's okay about the fight with Fabiola and Eleanor. Telling him that she feels like everyone in her life is done with her, he looks at her saying nothing and she says to him to forget what she said. She hasn't finished talking yet and he reaches to her and kisses her.

Returning the Dress[]

On the day of Prashant's visit, he tries to go to Devi's house to return Devi's dress to her, because she wasn't responding to his texts. Nalini assumes that Devi took off the dress in Paxton's car with Paxton in it. She doesn't believe Devi, who tells her that she did it, but not in the way she thinks she did.

Screenshot (38)

Paxton returning the dress.

Paxton then tells her that Devi is telling the truth and fell in the pool at the party, which Nalini didn't know about. With Nalini if they did something in the car, Paxton tells her that they only kissed. Nalini talking out of frustration calls Paxton an idiot because he isn't a honors student. He was really stung by those things and left.

Seeing her at school, he gives her the cold shoulder and pretends she doesn't exist. In the hallways, Devi remarks to him that she hasn't seen him for a week, and he in turn tells her that he has been busy. She then apologizes to Paxton about her mother and tells that he doesn't care what her mother thinks. To be away from Devi, he says to her that he has a lot going on with swimming and stuff after she asked to hang out.

Trying to Make Up with Devi[]

Busy outside on the phone, Rebecca comes out to say Devi had called her. She asks him why Devi hasn't visited them in a while, thinking that they kissed. “I kiss a lot of girls and most of them suck,” he answers. He tells her that him liking Devi doesn't make her his girlfriend. Telling her that he doesn't need the negative energy of Nalini in his life. She says to him that he is stupid when he blows Devi off and goes inside.

Screenshot (39)

Paxton in front of Devi's house.

After Rebecca talked to him, he goes to Devi's house to make up with her, but she wasn't home and calls her, but she doesn't answer, he leaves a message, while Devi was in a car kissing Ben, saying that he is in the neighborhood, thought that they can spend time together and to give him a call or text.

Season 2[]

Reconciling with and Dating Devi[]

Paxton continues to wait for Devi in his car after leaving her a voicemail and since he got hungry, he orders some Chinese food for himself. Later, when Devi arrives, he asks her what was going on, and she tells him that she had gone to spread her dad's ashes, which he thought must have been tough for her. Paxton apologizes to her saying that he feels bad for being bad towards her, and Devi forgives him after telling him about what he made her feel. After their conversation, he eventually musters up the courage to ask her to come to his house for dinner tomorrow, to which she happily agrees to.

During school, Paxton is extremely excited to meet Devi, as shown when he says his weekend was great indicating towards Devi during his first class the next day. Devi and Paxton meet each other for a date and thinking it will be the same as he did it with every other girl, he invites his friends as well for a video games session where they would eat chips, and when they leave, he would hook up with the girl. Hence, he is shocked when Devi leaves the date as soon as Trent vomits his pizza out, feeling confused and disappointed.

The next day, at the park cleanup trip, he learns from Devi that the reason she left from the date was because how the date was with his friends, not with her alone. Realizing his mistake, he offers to go on a real date with her, but she tells him it’s too late as she’s going to India, much to his shock. Paxton says they will have to make of the time, so he kisses her, showing how he still desires to date her while he can.

Paxton and Devi

Paxton and Devi enjoying their date!

Paxton starts dating Devi for about a week, not talking about his relationship to his friends. Having learnt his lesson, Paxton goes on solo dates with Devi, not inviting his friends over, having a great time with her. Devi invites Paxton to her farewell party on Friday, asking him to use his fake ID to buy them alcohol - which he happily agrees to. To his shock, Devi tells Paxton that he shouldn't come to her party because it is going to be girls only. Despite

Devi's unea,se Paxton says it isn't going to be much of a problem for him to deal with as he is used to constantly being around with girls.

Paxton's emotional burst.

Paxton's emotional burst towards Devi for cheating on him.

Back at the party on Friday, Paxton comes with alcohol at Devi's home and just before he is about to meet her, Eric interrupts them. Throughout the party, Paxton spends quality time with Devi - talking about his life, whilst flirting with her.

A Break up and a Car Accident[]

During the party, Paxton faces a major shock as he learns from Ben how Devi was two-timing them. Paxton initially thinks that Ben is wrong until Devi confesses that she was indeed cheating on him. Hurt and infuriated, Paxton runs away from Devi's house, telling an apologetic Devi in anger, she could never hurt him, trying to bottle up his emotions. Unfortunately at the precise moment when he finishes his sentence, he is hit by a car on the road, and his arm gets broken, albeit he is otherwise fine.

After his accident, Paxton is deeply saddened to discover that he cannot be at the swim team anymore. Back at history class, Paxton continues to wonder why Devi cheated on him with Ben, feeling incredibly confused over his emotions. In anger, Paxton starts calling Devi as 'Crazy Devi' in front of his friends, giving rise to numerous rumors about her. Paxton visits the college counselor, who tells him he might not get into Stanford due to being injured. Paxton says he’s fine with anything. She recommends a community college or, the alternative, to get a tutor and significantly improve his grades — that tutor is Devi. He doesn’t want Devi as a tutor.

Realizing he's stuck in a rut, he tells Devi that he needs her to get into college. Paxton expects Devi to do the work for him and gets emotional about how she two-timed him. He tells her she trashed his chances at a swimming scholarship, so he expects her help. Despite his anger, Paxton realizes punishing Devi isn’t as satisfying as he thought. After Rebecca discovers Devi is doing Paxton's work for him, she tells him to get some dignity and that he needs to be proud of himself. She doesn't feel Paxton deserves to go to college.

At dinner, Paxton realizes that his parents do not believe he can get into college. They have low expectations. Paxton tells his parents he wants an education and a career. His mother tells him that he has to work hard if he wants it. Feeling bummed, he goes to his grandfather, who motivates him by telling him that he is not 'dumb', telling Paxton to make himself proud.

Tutored by Devi[]

Paxton tells Devi that he doesn't want her doing his homework anymore, and he wants tutoring for real, without cheating. When the tutoring starts at Devi's home, Paxton asks Devi if she can make it more interesting. Devi gets inspiration from Hamilton and makes a poor, yet funny attempt at rapping all facts out.

Paxton's happiness.

Rebecca and Paxton are proud of each other.

During a history test, Paxton has a panic attack and flees the classroom. However, Devi saves him by manipulating the teacher into getting him to retake the text. Paxton gets a B in his test and thanks Devi for pushing him. He tells her they are cool about their issues as they would have never worked out as they didn’t make sense. Devi half-heartedly agrees. Afterward, Paxton shows his grade B to Rebecca, being incredibly happy at how his sister is finally proud of him.

The next day at school, a cool new Indian girl named Aneesa arrives at school, managing to impress everybody, including Paxton. Paxton continues being tutored by Devi, having their tutoring sessions at his house, as Devi's grandmother has a crush on him. Much to Devi's visible anger, he asks if she and Aneesa are friends, saying that Aneesa is pretty "dope", whilst looking at Aneesa.

Tutee No More[]

Ultimate Grief

Paxton is abandoned

Paxton continues to have a fun time studying with Devi, preparing for his upcoming biology test. Much to Paxton's annoyance, when he tells Devi about how everyone "hooks-up" at the relay, she leaves him alone with his flash cards, forcing him to memorize everything alone. Feeling bored studying by himself, Paxton goes to the relay, in an unsuccessful attempt to get tutoring from Devi. Feeling incredibly exhausted, Paxton has magic mushrooms with Trent.

Paxton couldn't study throughout the entire weekend, as he was hungover from the drugs at the relay, and he got drugs on Sunday as well with Trent. Much to his disappointment, Devi continues to ignore him at school, as she is incredibly busy with who started Aneesa's rumors about her being anorexic.

Image 97

Much to his anger, as he was not able to study without Devi, he fails his Biology test. Paxton goes to Devi and blames her for not studying with him like she promised, getting a little bit mad at her. However, he is interrupted as Devi tells Paxton if he wants to get good grades, he should be a good student, as she "cannot hold his hand forever", leaving him alone and deeply hurting his feelings.

Going Solo[]


Paxton faces his fears.

As soon as Devi returns from her suspension, she apologizes to a still emotionally afflicted Paxton for yelling at him like he was a 'stupid child'. Paxton forgives her, although he rejects her helping out on his homework as he didn't want her to "hold his hand"—having a change of heart after Devi's previous statement.

Mr. Kulkarni announces that the class will make a mock trial based on the Great Gatsby to test the knowledge of the students. The play is about whether Daisy Buchannan is responsible for murder of Jay Gatsby. Paxton, Fabiola, and Malcolm get paired for the offense, while Ben, Devi, along with Aneesa get paired for the defense. This time around, Paxton actually wants to contribute to the mock trial, wanting to work as a group with Fabiola and Eleanor. Paxton and Fabiola prepare for the mock trial on their side where Paxton helps Fabiola discover how Malcolm might be cheating on Eleanor.


Paxton and Devi enjoying a conversation with each other.

The mock trial happens at the school where Paxton starts the debate by telling everyone how Daisy (Devi) is responsible for the death of Gatsby, where Paxton fails to leave a strong impression at the mock trial due to his lack of confidence against Ben. Luckily, Aneesa fails to give a proper argument and Fabiola gives a strong rebuttal which seals the deal—making Paxton's team win the mock trial. Despite winning, Paxton still felt terrible as his team was still very close to losing because of him.

While driving his jeep, he finds Devi and offers her a ride back home. Devi tells Paxton how she faced tough times with Eleanor and how Paxton felt sad losing "to the kid you cheated on me with," referring to Ben. Devi tells Paxton that if he worked his hardest, he could have beaten Ben, if he pushed himself above and beyond, reassuring him he is not "dumb" - which makes him feel better. After he stops at Devi's house, he notices Nalini in a car with a guy - informing Devi of the same.

Dreams Come True[]

Everybody staring at Paxton.

Everybody stares at Paxton in shock. Finally peeps!

The next day at school, Mr. Shapiro announces that there will be a creative extra credit project, which is based around embracing their family history, talking about an event in the Great American saga that has personally affected their family. Much to the shock of everybody, including a delighted Mr. Shapiro (who is happy he is making a difference in Paxton's life), Paxton signs up for the extra credit project.

While, going around the school, Paxton sees Ben preparing for his extra-credit report doing his best to prepare for. Gaining inspiration from him and remembering Devi's advice, he decides to go above and beyond for his task. Paxton finds his topic to do his extra-credit report on at his home as he finally reads his great-grandfather's diary—how they were stuck in an internment camp as Japanese-American immigrants—getting an idea to make his grandfather share his past to the class to go above and beyond for the assignment.

Image 102

Paxton and his Grandfather - now closer than ever!

Paxton manages to convince his grandfather to share his tough past, as he decides to embrace his Japanese origins in front of everybody, after Devi fails to show her presentation. In an effort to go above and beyond, instead of rattling facts about the war, Paxton brings his grandfather to school, and they do the presentation together, to show living history. This presentation is a hit, as the grandfather and grandson duo hug each other, with Mr. Shapiro bursting to tears, and the whole class being stunned at Paxton's brilliance.

Devi and Paxton are about to kiss

Devi and Paxton kiss!

Being happy at his success due to Devi's advice and her never-ending trust on him, Paxton climbs to Devi's roof being soaking wet from rain, as he "hooks-up" with her—making out for a while, before he leaves. Paxton decides to keep Devi and his rediscovered relationship with her a secret, as he is embarrassed of her—both for cheating on him with Ben and his accident. Hence, chooses to continue to ignore Devi at school in front of his friends, calling her a "pal" when she talks out to him.

Gumwrapper dude.

Paxton and Devi bonding over her gumwrapper dude.

The Winter Dance[]

Despite secretly getting back together with Devi, and their nighttime make out sessions, Paxton doesn't want to make their relationship public, lying to Devi that he doesn't acknowledge her at public because he is a private guy. Throughout the week, Paxton continued to ignore Devi at school, although continuing to hook up with her at night.

Devi asks Paxton out for the Winter Dance at school, a nervous Paxton publicly rejects her in front of all of her friends due to feeling embarrassed of her, leaving a visibly heartbroken Devi walking out. Later, at night, Paxton tells an angry Devi that the reason that he doesn't want to go out with her to the dance publicly is because she has publicly embarrassed him by cheating on him with Ben, which got him hit by a Chevvy Volt. Paxton tells Devi either they date privately, or not at all.

Gumwrapper dude - Love him

Aye gumwrapper dude!

The next day, much to Paxton's disappointment, Devi tells him that she wants to be with someone who can publicly date her, as secretly dating somebody is not who she is, whilst he is working out at his garage. Paxton and Devi thank each other for the time they spent with each other, with Devi telling Paxton he is very good at kissing, leaving Paxton incredibly confused. Paxton gets a call from his career counsellor who informs him how Devi's guidance had saved his grade, enabling him for college, further making him introspect his feelings for Devi.

Devi and Paxton dancing...

Devi and Paxton are dancing!

Realizing his feelings and care for Devi are more important to him than his reputation at school, he decides to go to the Winter Dance. In his way to to the dance, he accidentally bumps onto Devi herself, who falls down, but not hurt due to how heavily padded her dress is. Paxton makes sure Devi is fine, and tells her he is there as her boyfriend, with the duo passionately kissing each other afterwards. The new couple enter the dance together and are seen slow dancing.

Season 3[]

Dating Devi[]

Devi and Paxton become an official couple. They take their relationship slow. After someone reaches out to Devi about Paxton, Devi convinces Paxton to make peace with the girls he was involved with in the past, including his ex Haley.

On Valentine's Day, a compatibility test shows that Devi is compatible with Eric and Paxton is compatible with Haley. Devi gets really jealous. Paxton ends up breaking up with Devi, claiming that she doesn't love herself enough.

Moving On[]

Seven months after breaking up with Devi, Paxton starts dating Phoebe. However, after a while, Paxton finds his relationship with Phoebe to be boring. He breaks up with her.

Paxton finds out he got into Arizona State University. His best friend Trent is devastated to lose him but he, with Eleanor's help, shows him they will always be close even when he's away at college.

Season 4[]

Life at ASU[]

Paxton begins to question his identity and ambitions, experiencing a sense of feeling out of place at Arizona State University (ASU). He misses being the popular guy in high school and finds himself struggling socially at college.

Teaching at Sherman Oaks[]

Paxton decides to leave ASU and apply for an Assistant Swim Coach position at his old high school. He gets the job and is thrilled to be back surrounded by his old friends. However, he struggles between being the "fun cool guy" and a "teacher".

Paxton helps train Eric Perkins to be a better swimmer.

Dating Lindsay[]

Going back to School[]

Paxton realizes he wants to be a teacher. He decides to go back to ASU to work towards his teaching degree.



Kevin and June Hall-Yoshida[]

Paxton's parents are described as religious and "Jesus-y", but in a chill way. They seem to really care about the well-being of their children.

Rebecca Hall-Yoshida[]

Paxton and Rebecca have a close, loving sibling relationship. Paxton is overprotective of Rebecca due to her having Down's Syndrome and being adopted—as shown when he was angry at Devi just for meeting her, expecting that she would bully her just like many of his other "friends." In turn, Rebecca is brutally and bluntly honest with her brother when he is in the wrong, being quick to call him out on his mistakes—as shown when she showed no hesitancy in calling Paxton a douche for ignoring Devi just because he was jealous of her intellectual prowess. He deeply cares about her opinions a lot, as shown when he decides to earn his scholarship to college without any help—an inspiration from his sister's honest opinion.

Ted Yoshida[]

Paxton shares a strong bond with his grandfather, Ted Yoshida, and is closer to him than anyone else in his family. Paxton deeply admires his grandfather, and respects his courage and the adversity he faced growing up. tough past, Paxton even dedicated an extra-credit report to his grandfather. The two share similar personalities, and are both popular with women.

In difficult times, Paxton tends to go to his grandfather for advice. Ted reciprocates this love for his grandson and is supportive when Paxton needs him—going so far as to share the dark details of his past while they bond.


Devi Vishwakumar[]



Devi is Paxton's primary love interest and his current girlfriend, as of ... been a perfect girl - getting back with each other after a major conflict is resolved. They break up for the second and final time in ... had a valentine, but they continue being friends. (See Devi and Paxton)

Phoebe Hayward[]

Phoebe and Paxton were briefly in a public relationship following Paxton and Devi's breakup. It seemed to be very superficial, as Paxton said they didn't talk much and mostly spent their time together making out. Although he claimed to be happy with the way things were going with Phoebe, Paxton seemed annoyed at Phoebe's lack of depth, and they soon broke up as Paxton realised he felt unfulfilled in their relationship.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • He is half Japanese on his father's side and half white on his mother's side.
  • He is fluent in Japanese.
  • He is the most popular guy in Sherman Oaks.
  • He drives a jeep.
  • He has a fake ID.
  • He was on the swim team until a car hit him and broke his arm.
  • His grandfather, Ted Yoshida, and his great-grandfather was incarcerated in the internment camp Manzanar, during World War II.
  • He has a grudge against Devi's mother, despite dating Devi.
  • He is the closest one to his grandad.
    • He and his grandfather joke that Paxton inherited his good looks from him.
  • His senior superlative was "most likely to succeed at hotness."
  • He once swam from Los Angeles to San Diego.


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