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There is no time for hanging up or not speaking in this life.
— Nirmala to Devi Vishwakumar in ... stalked my own mother

Nirmala Vishwakumar is Devi's paternal grandmother and Mohan's mother. She is portrayed by Ranjita Chakravarty.


Nirmala is shown to be an exceedingly kind, calm, clean-hearted, free-spirited individual. She loves her family a lot and would do anything she can to preserve the happiness within the house, a trait that she and her son Mohan share. She also has an extreme love of plants just like him, as shown by the plethora of plants she had grown at her home in India, and by how she hid her money under them. However, she does have a slightly mischievous side to her as seen when she stole oranges from their neighbors without much fear thinking that they don't eat them anyway.

She treats people equally, allowing them to hold their own opinions, as seen when she is just fine with Nalini to date another man, Chris Jackson, after Mohan as she saw her as an individual and an adult who had the right to do whatever she wanted to do, in response to Devi's rash response of her dating someone else after Mohan's death. Unlike many of the other older Indian characters like the aunties in episode four of Season 1, she has minimum racial bias as seen when she was crushing on Paxton without caring too much about his race.



Nirmala was married to her husband since a long time, having three children with him, Mohan, Aravind, and her daughter, until he passed away (presumably). After he did, Mohan told her to invest her money, into a rising company, and she chose Apple - because the name sounded cute - and became rich. Eventually, Aravind left to go to US, and soon after so did Mohan after getting married to Nalini, much to her sadness. Over time, due to her loneliness in India she had acquired a huge plant collection and began hiding money under her plants. Soon later, her son Mohan had passed away. This made her feel extremely lonely, as Mohan was the only one who bothered to contact her the most.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

Nirmala moves in with Devi, Kamala, and Nalini because she wants to live where her son lived and be close to her family.

Physical Appearance[]

Nirmala has grey hair and often wears colourful clothing.


Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • The last conversation she had with Mohan was a fight regarding why she shouldn't keep her money under plants.
  • Just like Mohan, she is the one who keeps peace within the family:
    • They both have a kind nature.
    • They both represent the loving and supporting figures within the family.
    • Also like him, it appears they both share the same love of gardening.
  • She has a sister who lives in Australia.
  • She loves to talk about her stories about how she bargained with shop owners.
  • Nirmala appears to "have a crush" on Paxton, as noted by Devi.
  • Her birthday is March 30.[1]
    • The next day at school after her birthday took place on March 31, meaning her birthday was the night before on the 30th.
  • Mohan convinced her to invest into 25 cent Apple stocks, where she gained lots of money.