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Fabiola Torres is one of Devi’s best friends at Sherman Oaks High.

She is portrayed by Lee Rodriguez.


Fabiola is a nervous, kind, caring, and intelligent teenage girl. She is skilled in robotics and seems to have a love for science. Fabiola loves and cares for her family and two best friends, Eleanor, and Devi. She feels anxious and scared about the feelings she is developing for her classmate Eve and coming out as gay to her parents.

Fabiola is sweet and shows compassion for her friends and wants to help them with tough situations. This is seen when Eleanor discovered that her mom is waitressing at Casa Mexico and not on a cruise through Paxton. Fabiola offers to take Eleanor to the restaurant to see if what he said was true.

She can be awkward but ultimately means well. Fabiola is patient but shows anger towards nonsense. When Eleanor’s mom returns to Eleanor’s life, her and Eleanor bond and share their love for theatre. However, Mrs. Wong sees her daughter onstage and notices her incredible talent for acting a look of longing crosses her face.

She later abandons Eleanor once again, only leaving a note behind saying she wishes to try Broadway one last time. Eleanor freaks out and quits the play and needs her friends the most. Fabiola runs to Devi and tells her what happened, but just then Paxton texts her saying he needs her at his house. Fabiola urgently says to help Eleanor and runs to her, expecting Devi will follow shortly. But Devi chooses to help Paxton out instead. The next day, Eleanor is sad and miserable, and Fabiola is angry with Devi for ditching them. The girls decide to take a friend break from Devi.

Devi is distraught and offers to make it up to them by having fun with them at Ben’s birthday party. Fabiola and Eleanor decide to go but not with Devi. At Ben Gross’s birthday party Devi attempts to help Fabiola not drink the punch that Trent had put his junk in, but it somehow swooshes over Fabiola ruining her suit.

Fabiola is outraged and yells at Devi in front of everyone. Two episodes later, the girls reconcile, and Fabiola is happy and relieved they worked things out. She shows empathy for Devi and tells her she must go to Malibu to say goodbye to her dad. Devi isn’t ready and cries because she is sad. But she supports her no matter what, and a loyal friend is.

Physical Appearance[]

Fabiola is half Latina and half African-American. She has thick, curly dark brown hair. She dresses in polos and overalls mostly which can make her seem like a tomboy. When she starts dating Eve, she wears more suits.



She is the daughter of Elise and Victor Torres and also the sister of Hugo Torres. She is shown in the third episode of the first season telling her Robot, Gears Brosnan, that she is gay. She is later shown two episodes later to try to tell her family but fails and quickly discloses the subject. After the bake sale, she finally comes out to her mother that she is gay. Her mother supported and accepted her for who she is.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

First Day of Sophomore Year[]

Devi tells her and Eleanor that they are not cool and reads her plan to get cool to them. She says that they need to change their personalities and get boyfriends. Fabiola and Eleanor are not willing to change their personalities, but they do decided to get boyfriends. Devi chose attainable, yet status-enhancing people for her and Eleanor. For Fabiola she chose Alex Gomez.

The next day, she dressed sexy in her boys' medium polo for the next step of Devi's plan to be cool which is to make conversation with their target. Principal Grubbs let Devi and Ben do some unpaid labor for their punishment. Their labor unpaid was in the IT classroom where they saw Oliver and Eleanor making out. Eleanor hadn't told anyone about it.

At the Nail Salon[]

At the nail salon with mother she wanted clear nail polish, but her mother said to her to try something more girly, so she chooses chickens, which are her favorite bird. She tells her mother that she and Eleanor got stuck with Ben and Eve after she asked her about her history project. Her mother assumes that she has a crush of Ben because when she was in high school, she called every boy she liked annoying.

Fabiola smiling at her mother.

Fabiola is struggling with new complicated emotions. Further in the conversation, she tells Elise that she technically has a boyfriend, Alex Gomez. Elise appears happy and relieved to hear this and asks Fabiola if he is human and not a robot.

Working on the Project[]

After Fabiola and the others are done working on the project, she and Eve only stay in the classroom, Eve says to her that she likes her nails, but Fabiola was trying to rush out of the room to avoid Eve. Before she leaves, Eve got up and asks her to go to a fundraiser that she and her friend are going to for a queer youth center.

Fabiola and Gears Brosnan.

Fabiola asks her why she asked her and not Eleanor and Ben and she says to Fabiola that she thought that she might be into it and that Eleanor and Ben were a lot. Fabiola interrupts her by saying that she has the wrong idea about her and leaves Eve all by herself in the classroom. The next day, Eve was flirting with a girl while Fabiola was watching. The day of her presentation she tells her robot, Gears Brosnan in the robotics class that she is gay.

Family Meeting[]

Fabiola trying to tell her family she is gay.

The day after Fabiola told her robot, Gears Brosnan that she is gay, she called a family meeting. She asks her family not to look at her any differently after she tells them something personal. Elise's face was starting to change and asks her if Alex got her pregnant, which she denies. She was trying to tell them that she was gay but couldn't. Instead of telling them that she is gay, Fabiola tells them that she is switching from AP French to AP Latin. Elise was a little shocked and somewhat of blindsided after Fabiola told them that and tells her that that isn't the life, she imagined for her.

Girls-only Sleepover[]

Fabiola and Eleanor tried to tell Devi their drama, about her being gay and Eleanor's mother, but Devi tells them that she has bigger problems with an aggressive voice. After Devi treated Fabiola and Eleanor badly, they were spending time together with Jonah Sharpe, who was struggling with the same problem as Fabiola and was there for her and Eleanor. Devi walks over to them in the school's lounge to make amends with them and sees that they are spending time together with Jonah, but she wants to be their harbor master and she sits down, and Fabiola tells her that she was gay, is happy for her, for her and insist to make it up to her. She decides to host a classic-gang, girls-only, Jonah-free sleepover. They play beer pong with kombucha and tell Devi about Eleanor's mother. Devi offers Joyce to bake cookies at her home for the PTA bake sale. They gossip and tell Joyce about Eve.

At the bake sale Joyce was talkative and tells Nalini and Elise that she got to know about the girls love lives, girlfriends, and boyfriend. When Elise asks Joyce who had a girlfriend, Fabiola gets into the conversation saying that no one has a girlfriend. Devi tells the girls that she was lying having sex with Paxton after Joyce discloses information.

Fabiola after telling her mother she is gay.

While cleaning up, Elise says that she is feeling sorry for Eleanor about her mother being a flake and that Fabiola should feel lucky that they are a normal family. Further in the conversation, Fabiola says to her that something about her may be embarrassing to Elise, she tells her that she isn't embarrassed by her robots and weird clothes.

When Elise tells her that she loves everything about her, Fabiola finally tells Elise that she is gay. Elise is shocked after hearing her daughter's coming out, and tells Fabiola that she isn't disappointed just trying to process. She doesn't know what to say to her daughter, but eventually she tells her that she loves her and that there is nothing she could tell her that would change that. She just wants Fabiola to be happy and gives her a hug. After the hug, she asks her if that's why she called the family meeting about changing subjects.

The next day, she apologizes to Fabiola and Eleanor about lying and that she would try to be a better friend. Eleanor needed her because her mother left but went to Paxton who send her a text to go over to his house.

Ben's Birthday Party[]

Devi ditched Fabiola and Eleanor and go to Paxton's house when Eleanor needed her. They decide to take a friend break from Devi. At the party, Devi was trying to make a conversation with them, but they leave her all by herself. Fabiola was about to drink Trent's punch (which Ben told Devi not to drink), she rushes to Fabiola to warn her about the punch and knocks the cup out of her hands and drench the suit completely with punch. Fabiola got mad and tells Devi everything that irritated her, treating her and Eleanor as crap and that she only cares about popularity and Paxton, and outed herself accidentally in front of her whole class.

Fabiola apologizing to Eve.

While sitting on the stairs, Eve brings Fabiola baking soda to use on her jacket that was soaked with punch. Fabiola offers her a seat on the stairs where she was sitting. They talked and told Fabiola what she did in front of everyone took guts even it was accidental and says to her that she came out by getting stoned and tweeting "me gay now". During the conversation, Fabiola apologizes for being rude to her before and asks her to grab food with her sometime which Eve accepts, marking the start of them relationship.

Reunion with Devi[]

As Ben reaches out to her and Eleanor, he tells them that Devi didn't want to go to scatter her father's ashes so they must help her throughout that phase as they are the only ones that can do that, making her realize how despite whatever happened between them Devi and she were still best of friends. At Ben's house she and Eleanor wanted to comfort Devi badly seeing her meltdown in front of them. She and Devi make up with each other when Devi apologizes for being a horrible friend to her and Eleanor, right after helping Eleanor realize that she shouldn't quit her passion for Drama as the new her cannot make her happy something which both Devi and Fabiola agreed upon. Eleanor and Fabiola, Devi realize how she should go and spread her dad's ashes at Malibu, as not doing that would make her unhappy.

Season 2[]


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


Eve Hjelm[]

See Eve and Fabiola


  • She is half Hispanic on her father's side and half African-American on her mother's side.
  • She has a robot named Gears Brosnan:
    • She came out to Gears before she came out to Eleanor, Devi, and her mom.
    • Eventually, she came out in front of everybody.
  • She missed someone's funeral to console Devi after Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra.
  • She used an app on her phone to track Devi's location. (... been a big fat liar)
  • She knows little to none about pop culture.
  • The only things she loves after her friends, her family, and Eve are robots.


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