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Ethan Morales is a student at Sherman Oaks High and the ex-boyfriend of Devi Vishwakumar.

He is portrayed by Michael Cimino.

Physical Appearance[]

Ethan Morales is a built Latino teenage boy with an average height of 5'9" and short wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Throughout the series, he is often seen wearing an oversized flannel over a white tank top paired with baggy jeans and converse sneakers. In the series, he is sometimes seen wearing a hoodie over a baggy T-shirt. He often has his skateboard nearby or on hand. He is also seen wearing accessories such as hoop earrings, a silver chain and a few rings on his fingers. In addition, he has has a few tattoos.


Ethan Morales has an easy going, chill personality-but he doesn't have much of a moral compass, or sense of ethics. He isn't afraid to hurt people's feelings, or do things like lie and steal.


Ethan Morales is a skater and a new "bad boy" at Sherman Oaks High, filling the void left by Paxton Hall-Yoshida when he graduated. He mentioned that his sudden glow up attracted more attention from girls his senior year.



Devi Vishwakumar[]

Devi and Ethan kissed at Ethan's party, and then began to date until Devi left him in episode 4 in a brutal way because he stole the Princeton reps wallet.


Season 4[]


  • He has three pet turtles.
  • He has four extra skateboards at home.
  • He likes to litter.