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Eleanor Wong is one of the main characters in Never Have I Ever. She is a member of the Wong family and one of Devi's best friends alongside Fabiola at Sherman Oaks High. She has aspired to be an actress since she was younger, and also wishes to be a director of her own film projects. She is portrayed by Ramona Young.

Physical Appearance[]

Eleanor Wong is a sixteen-year-old Chinese-American girl. She has a wavy black bob haircut with bangs and brown eyes. Since Eleanor has a passion for theater, she often wears bold and bright clothes and accessories such as colorful scarves, capes, berets, sweaters, dresses, and statement jewelry.

When performing, she always wears various wigs and expensive, extravagant costumes as the characters she portrays. They help her get more in touch with the characters she portrays.


Eleanor is kind, sweet, supportive, and the most dramatic person at Sherman Oaks High School, due to her love of acting her mother, Joyce Wong, brought up upon her as a child. Eleanor is a great friend and genuinely looks out for her friends and their wellbeing. Eleanor is also great at acting and her world practically revolves around it. She is very supportive such as when Fabiola came out to her, and when Devi lost her father.

However, Eleanor can easily be manipulated by people she is infatuated by or people she looks up to, like when Malcolm tricked her and gaslighted her into thinking her friends were toxic and damaged people even when they were looking out for her and her wellbeing, and when Joyce Wong made Eleanor think she was actually going to stay with her but abandoned her once again.

Sharon, her stepmother, taught her that she should be with people who wouldn’t abandon her like her ex and her mother. Eleanor also has family problems and has made some questionable decisions like dumping Oliver Martinez for Malcom, hating her father and stepmother, getting mad at her friends who were looking out for her, and quitting acting because she associated acting with her mother.



Eleanor's mother, Joyce Wong, left her when she was little to "follow her dreams." They later reunited, but it wouldn't be long until her mother left again.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

First Day of Sophomore Year[]

Devi tells her and Fabiola that they are not cool and that they need to rebrand in order to get a boyfriend. Devi chose attainable, yet status-enhancing people for herself, Eleanor and Fabiola. For Eleanor, she chose Boris Kozlov, a Russian exchange student.

The next day, Eleanor dresses 'sexy' in a flapper dress that her grandmother died in, for the next step of Devi's plan to be cool - make conversation with their target. Later, Principal Grubbs makes Devi and Ben do unpaid labor as punishment for their behaviour in class, which leads them to the ICT classroom. There they find Eleanor and Oliver kissing, which comes as a shock to Devi. Eleanor tells Devi that she didn't want to upset her, but also that Fabiola already knows. Devi claims that she isn't upset and is cool with being left in the dark, yet she lets out a hysteric scream when she leaves the classroom.

Reuniting with her Mother[]

When Eleanor was seven-years-old, her mother abandoned her to follow her dreams. Now in the present, her mother sent her a card from Cancún. In the halls with Fabiola, Paxton tells her that he thinks her mother was his family server at Casa Mexico. She tells him that it is impossible because her mother is on a cruise docked in Cancún. He then tells her that his mom knows her mother and they talked, but Eleanor believes he is mistaken and calls him racist for thinking all Asian women look alike.

Screenshot (29)

Seeing her mother.

At home with Fabiola, she was buffering thinking about what Paxton told her. Fabiola asks her if she wants to go to Casa Mexico to see if her mother is really there waitressing. Arriving at Casa Mexico seeing her mother singing cumpleaños to someone, she storms out of there after her mother told her that she could explain. Back at home Fabiola tells her that she doesn't have a perfect family, because she is gay, Eleanor is happy for her and hugs her and tells her that she happy to finally have a gay friend. Back at school Eleanor and Fabiola tried to tell Devi who has drama with Paxton their drama, about she being gay and Eleanor's mother, but says to them that she have bigger problems with an aggressive voice.

Devi trying to prove that she is a true friend of Eleanor's she goes to Eleanor's mother's workplace and tells her to do a little more than calling and texting and talk to Eleanor in person. At school sitting in the lounge Joyce appears but Eleanor runs away. Finally, she stops running for her mother, she tells Eleanor that she been in LA for two months after being fired from the cruise and dumped in Jamaica.

Screenshot (30)

Eleanor talking to her mother.

She didn't want Eleanor to see her as an out-of-work mother, but as a forensic scientist on Bosch. Eleanor says that she doesn't cares what her job is and want her in her life. Seeing a PTA bake sale poster on the walls, she tells Eleanor that she wants to bake cookies together. Hearing that Joyce doesn't have anywhere to bake, Devi offers Joyce to bake cookies at her home for the PTA bake sale. They gossip and tell her mother that she has a boyfriend, Oliver.

At the bake sale, Joyce is talkative and tells Nalini and Elise that she got to know about the girls' love lives, girlfriends, and boyfriend. Joyce quotes Paxton, the word "sex" which got Nalini angry, and Devi tells them that she was lying about having sex with Paxton. The next day, Devi apologizes to her and Fabiola about lying and that she would try to be a better friend.

Screenshot (31)

Eleanor having a meltdown.

Eleanor brings Joyce to rehearsal and introduces her to Mr. Schleicher, who says Joyce that Eleanor was their youngest lead actor ever. When Joyce heard lead her face expression changes, like she was jealous. Seeing Eleanor acting, she sits with tears in her eyes and leaves Eleanor once again to give Broadway one more shot. She leaves a letter explaining to Eleanor why she left. After reading the letter, Eleanor has a meltdown in the drama room. Fabiola goes to get Devi to calm her down. But Devi goes to Paxton who sent her a text to go over to his house and ditches Eleanor who needed her.

She and Fabiola decide to take a friend break from Devi after she ditched them to Paxton's house when Eleanor needed her. They make up with when Ben told them that she didn't want to go to scatter her father's ashes.

Season 2[]

Devi's Boy Situation[]


Eleanor and Fab alerted!

Eleanor and Fabiola get a text from Devi who wants them at her home ASAP, to figure out her situation with Ben and Paxton. Later she and Fabiola go to Devi’s house where Eleanor learns how Devi kissed both Ben and Paxton, along with how Devi is going to leave for India soon, the latter making her feel miserable internally.

Eleanor discovers Devi is moving to India

Eleanor upon discovering her friend is moving to India.

They talk about how they are going to miss Devi so much and Eleanor talks about how she could visit her in India and joking about how she could get a job in Bollywood playing the "evil American" character and meet her, getting emotional by the thought of losing her childhood friend. She and Fabiola help Devi choose between Ben and Paxton, with both telling Devi that she should date Paxton as there is "only one Paxton". Eleanor also helps Fabiola, who is struggling to learn pop culture references.


Eleanor and Fabiola regret their words

After Devi's horrible date with Paxton, Eleanor and Fabiola tell Devi that she shouldn’t date Paxton as he doesn't seem to be too interested in her. However, much to her shock, Paxton does like Devi a lot, discovering how Paxton kissed her in the park. Eleanor doesn't want Devi to break up with Paxton, in confusion Fabiola and Eleanor suggest her to date both Ben and Paxton at the same time as a joke. However, by the time they want to stop Devi, it was too late, and she decides that she wants to have two boyfriends.

Breaking up with Malcom[]

Fabiola sees texts that suggest Malcolm is cheating on Eleanor, and shares this with Devi. They stage an intervention for Eleanor. However, Eleanor gets back with Malcolm after Malcolm makes an excuse. Later on, Malcolm breaks up with Eleanor.

Reuniting with Friends and Winter Dance[]

Eleanor reunites with her friends. Devi and Eleanor help Fabiola who has a breakdown in the bathroom. Later, Trent asks Eleanor to dance.

Season 3[]

Dating Trent[]

Eleanor goes on a date with Trent for Valentine's Day but Eleanor starts to question their relationship. Eleanor and Trent repair their relationship after revealing their insecurities to each other. Eleanor throws Trent a huge birthday party.

Eleanor gets worried about what will happen to her relationship when Trent goes to college. However, she discovers at the senior graduation ceremony that Trent will be repeating his senior year, which makes her happy.

Trying to become an actress[]

Using Trent's and Paxton's help, Eleanor records a video in which she recites Jennifer Lopez's monologue from Hustlers to send to talent agents.

Season 4[]

Acting Struggles[]

As Eleanor's acting journey continues, she auditions at Juilliard, a prestigious performing arts school. Unfortunately, she faces rejection, which causes emotional distress. Despite this setback, she remains determined and continues pursuing her passion for acting.

Love Life[]

She is initially in a relationship with Trent but breaks up with him. Later, she develops feelings for a classmate named Ethan, leading to a complicated dynamic with her best friend, Devi, who also has feelings for Ethan. At a party, Ethan kisses both Eleanor and Devi, straining their friendship. However, Eleanor eventually realizes that she still has feelings for Trent and gets back together with him.

Graduating Early[]

Eleanor decides to graduate a semester early from high school to focus on her acting career. She directs her own film, with Trent providing emotional support and working on set with her.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • Like her portrayer, she is Chinese American.
  • She dreams of becoming an actress and is a theater kid.
  • She dated Oliver Martinez when Devi was paralyzed.
  • Her stepmother, Sharon, is a dental hygienist.
  • She dated Malcom Stone because he reminded her of her mother.
  • She is a member of the Chinese Acapella Group, for Shang-High notes.[1]
  • Eleanor mentioned that her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • Eleanor is 5'5".[2]


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