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My mom doesn't tell me how to live my life, Megan Thee Stallion does.
— Devi to Ben Gross in ... had an Indian frenemy

Devi Vishwakumar is the protagonist of Never Have I Ever. She is a seventeen-year-old Indian-American, previously known as an overachieving high school girl, who had a short fuse that often landed her into difficult situations at times. Throughout all her years as a troublesome yet hard-working student at Sherman Oaks High, however, she has matured in more ways than one.

In Season 1, she is introduced as a semi-introverted sophomore school girl and widely-considered as being socially awkward, who was ready to take on being social and finally lose her virginity to her childhood crush, Paxton Hall-Yoshida. In her freshman year, Devi had been bound to a wheelchair due to psychological trauma after losing her beloved father to a sudden heart attack. She has a rivalry with Ben Gross.

In Season 2, Devi finds herself conflicted when another Indian girl named named Aneesa arrives at the school, and steals her thunder. Briefly, Devi enters a two-timer with Paxton and nemesis-turned-friend Ben Gross, as she cannot decide who to be with. Naturally, the two find out that Devi has been playing them and cut her off, going their separate ways. However, she manages to win them both back over and even re-enters a public relationship with Paxton.

During the penultimate Season 3, Devi starts her junior year of high school off strong, finally dating her dream boy. However, in fault of her own lack of self appreciation and jealousy, he breaks up with her. Almost on cue, the charming and smart Des sweeps her off of her feet. However, due to his mother, they split and yet again Devi is single again. After being offered to attend a prestigious school in Colorado that would ensure her entry to her dream institution Princeton, Devi decides to stay to have more moments with her family and friends. Satisfied with her decision, Devi heads over to Ben's home and they have sex.

In Season 4, after they engage in intercourse, and an awkward conversation, Devi and Ben stop speaking and ignore each other for the entire summer. When Devi returns to school, she is distraught to see he has a new girlfriend named Margot, and the two immediately become rivals. After Margo got mistaken for committing vandalism to Devi's car, Margot gets almost suspended, deepening their bad blood. The real perpetrator, a popular boy named Ethan Morales, becomes romantically involved with Devi, until they split because of his degenerate tendencies. Paxton and Devi decide they're better off as close friends after sharing a bittersweet kiss, Ben and Devi slowly make up and begin dating as an official couple, and Devi successfully gets into Princeton.

She is portrayed by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.


Devi Vishwakumar is an extroverted, outgoing, overachieving , witty, and studious girl, who frequently achieves academic success. Although at times she can be overreactive, Devi is shown to have an innate charisma that attracts other people, a talent for witty comebacks, a savage nature, and an unwavering sense of loyalty to whom she cares about.

Devi is shown to be compassionate by how she never demeans others despite how others see them, as noted by her interactions with Paxton and Rebecca. However, despite all Devi has a tendency to be quite a competitive person as shown by how she threw a fit just because she scored one mark less than Ben. This is because regardless of her intelligence and extroverted nature, Devi is still a flawed teenager. Consequently, she is prone to making actions that she comes to regret as her character develops throughout the series, which she often makes due to being conflicted with emotions.

Devi has an impeccable tendency to escape from her problems, by suppressing her emotions all of the time, which never works in her favor. This becomes more prevalent when she tries to suppress her emotions towards her dad's death towards her therapist.

Devi is known to have a bit of a temper, which tends to backfire on her, as noted by her friends and Paxton. It is highly suggested that Devi struggles with anger-management issues due to her unhealthy ways to handle shock or traumatic events. Devi's unhealthy ways to handle emotions are more than often the main reason of the issues in her life. This was projected most effectively when she started obsessing over Paxton, to escape from the fact that she still missed her dad, which led her to making some questionable decisions.

However, despite all her flaws such as being way too irrational, making some bad choices, being quite selfish at times Devi almost never means to intentionally hurt anybody, however she accidentally does it due to her inability to cope with emotions. However, she does care about everyone she loves, such as her family and friends.

Devi has been diagnosed with psychosomatic weakness by her therapist Dr. Ryan, due to experiencing extremely traumatic events in her life such as her father's sudden death, which led to her temporary paralysis. This would make her feel more emotional than others, making her vulnerable. However, as noted by her therapist, her ability to feel more emotions, if used correctly, would enable her to lead an incredibly rich and colorful life.

This is seen through how Devi is always more than willing to learn from her mistakes, making sure she never hurts anybody in the same way again. This is shown through how Devi has grown to be a more supportive friend who is more than willing to do anything to protect her friends, from being a selfish friend who only cared about "popularity and Paxton," as noted by Fabiola. Over time, Devi realizes suppressing her emotions is never going to help her, and hence finally starts listening to her emotions and learning to deal with them in a healthy manner.

Physical Appearance[]

Devi Vishwakumar is an Indian-American teenage girl with an average build, her height standing around 5'6", with brown eyes, and long black hair. She normally keeps her hair straightened or slicks her hair to the back at times. She often wears minimal makeup, not bothering with looking too dressed-up unless and until she is going out on a special occasion. In Season 2, she gets her nose pierced.

She is typically seen in sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, skirts, and sneakers. On special occasions and traditional events such as Puja she wears traditional saris and jewelry. However, Devi generally hates putting on saris and jewelry, preferring to wear more casual western-styled clothing.



Devi Vishwakumar is the daughter of Nalini and Mohan. Devi idolized and loved her father, and the two were very close. He had a heart attack during one of her orchestra concerts and passed away when she was fifteen-years-old. She became paralyzed for three months due to the impact of the psychological and emotional trauma that she endured from her father's sudden cardiac arrest. She is best friends with Eleanor and Fabiola from childhood, both of whom she maintained her friendship with throughout high school.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

First Day of Sophomore Year[]

Screenshot (11)

Devi praying on the first day of her sophomore year.

On the first day of Devi's sophomore year, she prays to the Hindu gods for three things to make it up to her after what happened the previous year: first, she'd like to be invited to a party with alcohol and hard drugs. Secondly, she would love for her arm hair to thin out, and lastly, she would like a boyfriend. As Devi walks into school for the first time after being able to walk again, everybody stares at her. She tells her best friends Fabiola and Eleanor that they are not cool. Her plan is that they need to change their personalities in order to get boyfriends, which Fabiola and Eleanor don't agree with. She chooses attainable, yet status-enhancing people for her and her friends to date. For Fabiola, she chose Alex Gomez, for Eleanor, Boris Kozlov (A Russian exchange student) and for herself Jonah Sharpe.

Screenshot (14)

Devi dressed hot.

The next day, she dresses up for the next step of her plan to be cool, which is to make conversation with their target. In class she gets in a discussion with Ben, arguing about the blood on her knee. Mr. Shapiro sends them to the principal's office. Principal Grubbs has them do some unpaid labor as punishment. They go to the IT classroom and see Oliver and Eleanor, who didn't tell Devi that he was her boyfriend. She tells them that she was cool with not knowing and starts screaming hysterically outside the classroom.

After school, she angrily throws her textbook out of the window. She storms out of the house and runs to her therapist Dr. Jamie Ryan, to talk about her friends. Dr. Ryan asks her what she can do this year to succeed at something, which leads her to wait for Paxton in front of the school. After he walks outside, she introduces herself and asks him if he would ever consider having sex with her. Much to Devi's surprise and excitement, he accepts her offer. The next day, she tells her friends that she is dating Paxton.

Hook-up with Paxton[]

Devi storms out of her first orchestra class of the year after painful memories of the orchestra and her father's death resurface. Seeing Paxton leave, she tells him that she can go with him to hookup. In the garage he takes off his T-shirt and lets her touch his chest, but she suddenly gets nervous and finds an excuse to get out of there. At home, Devi, Fabiola, and Eleanor google Kegel exercises and learn new sex positions.

Screenshot (15)

Devi touching Paxton's chest.

The second time before hooking up she asks Paxton to freshen up and meet his sister, Rebecca, who hears Devi screaming from the perfume she sprays into her pants. Paxton walks in on them, gets mad, and asks Devi to leave. The next day, she approaches Paxton at the Hot Pocket to talk to him but is ignored. Her friends assume she isn't a virgin anymore and she doesn't deny it.

Late in the evening, Paxton goes to Devi's house and apologizes to her for the way he treated her, and says that he doesn't think having sex is a good idea.

Partying with the Popular Kids[]

For a history project, she joins Paxton and Trent's group. While working together on the project, Trent said he will have a party and Devi thinks to herself that working with him on the project he technically knows her, she is invited to the party. To get out of the house she tells her mother that they aren't done with the project. Seeing Ben arriving at the party, she jokes at him and told him that she is with Paxton at the party and he points her to Paxton asking "that Paxton" flirting with Zoe Maytag.

Screenshot (16)

Devi talking to the coyote.

Seeing Paxton flirting with another girl, she drinks a lot of beer. She goes outside and sees a coyote on the lawn and thinks it was the coyote she saw the night before in her dad's garden and thought it was her dad. While she was talking to the coyote, it attacks her and bites her on the right shoulder. Paxton runs outside, picks her up from the lawn, and brings her to the hospital. Because of her misbehavior: lying and drinking, her mother grounds her. The next day at school during her presentation, she is called Coyote Girl by the whole class.

Ganesh Puja[]

On the day of Ganesh Puja, Devi tries to win over college counselor Ron Hansen-Bhattacharyya to get into Princeton. She meets an old friend of hers, Parvesh, and they talk about how Ganesh Puja is lame. They converse about their Indian identity which Devi hates. Wandering in the halls in search of the college counselor, she finds him in a classroom. She tells him her achievements, but he isn't interested in her achievements and calls her a try-hard who’s president of the padded-resume club. He’s intrigued by the unusual story of her father dying in front of her at an orchestra concert and Devi becoming paralyzed.

Screenshot (17)

Devi talking to Paxton.

However, Devi doesn't want to use the story of her father's death as a way to make herself more interesting to an admission committee and tells Ron that she didn't need him to tell her what makes her special. In the cafeteria, her mother says to her that she was disappointed in her for yelling at Ron. Paxton walks out from swim practice and sees Devi in the halls kicking the lockers in anger. He says that she should do her and not care what other people think and that she looks cool in her outfit.

Model UN[]

Devi overheard Mr. Shapiro and Ben talking about Model UN and texts her mother to get her one-way ticket to leave the house and not be house servant anymore, after what happened at the party. Ben was mad that Devi was at the UN because he wants to win the Best Delegate gavel and they made a contract when they were little for who joined what clubs. During the assembly, she represents Equatorial Guinea and contradicts Ben, who represents the United States, proposal to build seawalls to protect coastal areas from rising sea levels. Russia wants to hear more of Equatorial Guinea's plan and wants to make her his ally when he was speaking. On the bus to the hotel they were staying, she and Ben think they are alone on that bus, and he says to her that she thought that she was hot shit because she is having sex with Paxton, but a girl is still on the bus and hears everything and spreads it.

Screenshot (18)

Devi looking mad at Ben.

Back in her hotel room with the girls she was sharing, Devi decides not to tell the truth (that she didn't have sex with Paxton) as they spoil her by giving a separate bed and praising her. Russia wants to steal a wine at a realtors' convention at the hotel with Devi and Ben, but the plan doesn't work. Devi and Ben run from the bouncer, land in a room full of alcoholic drinks and party with some of the students.

At the party, she and Ben get along and asks her for an alliance between them, but in the morning, she gets messages from Paxton about lying having sex with him. She blames Ben for all this and doesn't support his resolution during the assembly and nukes Ben (The United States of America) with the help of Russia. Back at school, she tries to apologize to Paxton who gets mad at her. Fabiola and Eleanor tried to tell her their drama, but she angrily tells them that she has bigger problems.

Girls-Only Sleepover and the PTA Bake Sale[]

After treating Fabiola and Eleanor badly, she tries to make amends with them in the school lounge. Devi sees them with Jonah, who was struggling with the same problem as Fabiola and was there for her and Eleanor. She sits down and Fabiola tells her that she is gay. Devi is really happy for her and insists on making it up to her. She decides to host a classic-gang, girls-only, Jonah-free sleepover. They play beer pong with kombucha and tell Devi about Eleanor’s mother. Trying to prove that she is a true friend, she goes to Eleanor's mother Joyce's workplace. She tells her that calling and texting aren’t enough, and Joyce should talk to her daughter in-person. Devi offers Joyce to bake cookies at her home for the PTA bake sale. They gossip and tell her that she and Paxton had sex and now Devi's not with him anymore.

Screenshot (19)

Devi telling her friend she was lying.

At the bake sale, Joyce is really talkative and tells Nalini and Elise that she got to know about the girls' love lives, girlfriends, and boyfriend. Nalini asks many questions and asks if Devi was with Frank the crossing guard, but Joyce's talkative behavior got into a conversation and says that Devi wasn't with Paxton anymore. Joyce also quotes the word "sex" which makes Nalini angry and Devi tells them that she was lying about having sex with Paxton. At home, Nalini blames Joyce for what happened and tells Devi that she should not have any sexual contact with boys. The next day she apologizes to Fabiola and Eleanor for lying and that she would try to be a better friend. Eleanor needed her because her mother left and she feels like dropping her interest in acting, but Devi went to Paxton who sends her a text to go over to his house.

Ben's Birthday Party[]

After Devi ditched her friends to go to Paxton's house when Eleanor needed her, they decide to take a friend break from Devi. At Dr. Ryan's office, she gets mad at the therapist for telling her to acknowledge the pain she feels and says that she should get a different therapist. Dr. Ryan confirms that Devi might be right. Thinking that Dr. Ryan is also breaking up with her, she gets mad and storms out of there. To attend Ben's party, she tells her mother that she should go over to Eleanor's for French homework. However, Nalini knows she's lying because she heard from students about Ben's party and requires Devi to study with Kamala.

Screenshot (20)

Devi and Paxton Kissing.

She walks into her cousin's room when looking for her calculator batteries and catches Kamala and Steve kissing. In return for not telling Nalini, she blackmails Kamala so that she can go to Ben's party. Ben gives her a tour of his house and tries to kiss Devi twice in the screening room, Devi believing he did so because he was drunk. Seeing Fabiola about to drink Trent's punch, which Ben said not to drink because he put something in it, she runs to Fabiola to warn her. Unfortunately, Devi knocks the cup out of her hands and drenches the suit. Fabiola gets angry and yells at her, stating that her dad dying doesn't give Devi the right to mistreat her friends. She then falls in the pool. Paxton helps her out and gives her a ride home before her mother returns. He then kisses her before she leaves.

Prashant's Visit and Painful Flashbacks Unearthed[]

Before Prashant's visit, Nalini asks Devi to be on her best behavior. Opening the door, everyone is speechless when they see Prashant. Devi says to him that he was hot. Taking the mascot of CalTech to Kamala's room, she sees Steve reading a magazine, trying to get Kamala to go to the room she tells her to go see where she put the beaver and figure out what the future holds for the two of them. Uncle Aravind asks her to play something on her harp and gets flashbacks of the day her father died. Nalini jumps in telling Aravind that she is taking a break from the harp. After Nalini catches Kamala with Steve, Devi offers to play the harp to distract Aravind and Prashant not seeing Nalini and Kamala sneak Steve out of the house.

Screenshot (21)

Devi crying.

When Paxton shows up at the house, Nalini says harsh things to him and he walks away really stung by those things. Devi and Nalini's loud talking on the porch brings out the others who have heard everything. Back into the house, Aravind tells her that her unruly behavior will be put to bed when she and her mother move back to India. Devi is really devastated and runs to her room. Nalini tries to explain to her, tells her that without her father around she's struggling to raise her. Devi with tears in her eyes says to Nalini that she heard what she had said on the night of her father's death, "that Devi was no longer a daughter of hers.” She closes the door in Nalini's face saying she wished that she had died that night.


She moves out of her mother's house and stays with Ben and his parents. At school, Kamala visits her to bring her few things from home. After what happened with Paxton at Devi's house, he has been a little distant from her. Nalini visits Devi at Ben's house to ask Devi if she would scatter her father's ashes with her and Devi refuses to do so, because she isn't ready to say goodbye to him. With the help of Howard Gross (Ben's father), she was trying to become emancipated from her mother. With the help of Fabiola and Eleanor, Ben convinces her to go with her mother to scatter her father's ashes.

Screenshot (22)

Devi and Ben kissing.

With the help of Ben, she tried to get to the house to go with her mother and Kamala to scatter the ashes, but they already left. Arriving at the beach she screams to have her mother and Kamala to wait for her, but they didn't hear her. With the help of John McEnroe screaming at them, they wait for her to scatter the ashes together. On the beach, Nalini says to her that her father wasn't the only one who cared about her and that she loves her. Walking back from the beach she sees Ben who waited for her to make sure she was okay and Devi hearing him say that, kisses him. While kissing Ben, Paxton calls her and leaves a voice mail.

Season 2[]


Image 6

Nalini sees Devi kissing Ben.

Devi and Ben are discovered kissing each other by an angry Nalini, who pulls her out of the car. Whilst driving back to home, Devi checks her phone only to discover a voicemail from Paxton, hearing that he wanted to talk to her, being excited about how he has finally responded to her after a long time of ignoring her.


Devi smiles after Paxton's apology

When she eventually reaches to home from Malibu, she discovers Paxton sitting in his car around her home. They have a discussion in which she asks him why he continued to stay there, and he eventually apologized for him abandoning Devi at a tough time, reassuring her that she was good to him, it was just that he was being a jerk. Despite the simple apology, Devi easily forgives Paxton because she knows it was difficult for him.

Later, Paxton invites Devi to come to his house for dinner the next day much to her excitement. Devi goes to her bedroom as she reflects on her amazing day, having received two grand gestures from Ben and Paxton, respectively. Devi ends up listening to the thing she loves the most, her dad's last voicemail to her to soothe her nerves after her tough day.

Image 4

Devi must choose between Ben and Paxton.

Nalini is packing up for her trip to India, so she can set things up with her family while Kamala and Devi stay at California. Devi doesn't want to go to India, but she agrees to go to India as it has been the closest, she has been to her mom. Devi goes to school and finds herself in trouble during Mr. Shapiro's class being nervous about the choice she had to make between the two guys. Devi finds herself stuck within having to choose between Ben and Paxton, as they both indirectly talk about how their weekend was great due to Devi to the class. Mr. Shapiro announces that they are going to be removing rubbish tomorrow from a park in Pacoima, whilst Devi is scared about the situation, and ends up calling Fabiola and Eleanor so she can sort out her life.

Image 8

Pros and Cons list.

Fabiola and Eleanor come over to Devi's home, with Devi telling them everything that has been transpiring in her life since Paxton kissing her in the car, to how she's going to have to move due to India and due to her mother not feeling like she can handle raising Devi alone without support from family. Devi goes on to tell them she must figure out which of the two boys she wants to date, Ben or Paxton. The friends then get together to make a pros and cons list about the good and bad attributes of each boy. Fabiola and Eleanor encourage Devi to choose Paxton, but Devi leans more toward Ben. In conclusion, the other girls convince Devi to choose Paxton.

Devi goes to Ben's home, making a miserable attempt to break up with him, with the meeting ending with a kiss. When Devi reaches Paxton's home for the date, she realizes that his "date" is just them spending time together with Paxton's friends, leaving the date soon after.


Surprise surprise!

Hence, she decides that she would date Ben until she goes to India, informing the former about his decision at the school trip to the park. However just as Ben leaves, Paxton comes to Devi, and telling her that he wants to go on a proper date with her. In a desperate attempt to shake him off, Devi tells Paxton that she is moving to India soon, which makes Paxton kiss her, much to her shock.

Daxton and Benvi all at once

"Oh my god I have two boyfriends"

Fabiola and Eleanor come to Devi's house for a friends' meeting where Devi shares her dilemma - she cannot choose between Ben and Paxton! Confused and conflicted, her friends suggest she date both of them. Thinking that this is a great idea that will solve her problems, Devi immediately agrees to it.

Farewell Party[]


Devi introspects on her decision.

With the support of her friends, Devi started to double-date both Ben and Paxton, spending time with both, without them knowing anything. At school, Devi and Co plan a farewell party at her house since Devi leaves off to India soon. They make Devi realize she needs to choose which guy to invite at her party. After being conflicted on who to invite on her party for some time, Devi decides to bring Paxton as he can buy alcohol for the group.

Devi goes to talk to Doctor Ryan, about her guilt for two-timing Ben and Paxton, with the former telling her to quit doing so as real relationships are built on "honesty and trust" - making Devi introspect the trouble she has landed herself into. Devi discovers that Eleanor has accidentally invited Ben to her farewell party, making her want to disinvite Ben, which she cannot do. Panicking, she tells Fabiola and Eleanor to contact everyone they know into their party so they don't notice.

Image 19

The careful juggling of two boyfriends

Devi is preparing for the party at her house, and she ends up introspecting her decision about the boys again. Fabiola and Eleanor console her saying that all they must do is separate the boys; they will do wine tasting in the living room for Ben and Flip the Cup in the garage for Paxton. This finally calms Devi down, as she gets excited for the party. At the party, Devi continues juggling around with both Ben and Paxton - who still have no idea about Devi's games.

Image 22

Devi realizes she messed up big time.

The plan works perfectly until Devi gets caught in an argument with Zoe and Shira, during which she yells she is Paxton's girlfriend. However, much to her shock, Ben was standing at the back listening to everything. When an angry Ben, storms off towards Paxton despite Devi's many attempts to stop him, Devi was forced to tell Paxton about her being a two-timing girlfriend, much to the fury of them.


Devi prepares for the upcoming war against her.

Enraged and upset, Paxton storms off Devi's house and Devi tells him that she is sorry for hurting his feelings as he is on the road. Emotional and upset, Paxton goes to the streets and gets hit by a Chevy Bolt, fracturing his arm on the spot, while arguing with Devi. Devi feels immediate regret over her actions as she introspects her decision in her room, listening to her dad's voicemail. Furthermore, to add insult to injury, Devi is not shifting to India anymore - forcing her to bear the anger of Ben and Paxton.

Tutoring Paxton[]

Devi tries to apologise

Devi tries to apologize to Paxton.

When Devi arrives at school, she is met with Paxton and Ben's anger, as Devi tried to apologize to Paxton, but he refused to forgive her, and Ben refused to talk to her. Much to her shock, she was asked to tutor Paxton by the career counsellor so he could go to college on a scholarship, making Paxton immediately refuse for her help.


Devi gets insulted by Trent being called "Crazy Devi."

Despite their issues, Paxton agrees for Devi's help, which involves her doing his work for him - feeling guilty and ashamed, Devi agrees to it. One time, when Devi gave Paxton his homework, Trent called Devi a cruel nickname called "Crazy Devi" after she blocked his screen. This incident deeply afflicted Devi, the person who was already doubting her sanity following her actions in the past.

Devi raps

Devi raps and tries to teach Paxton about Sputnik.

Devi continued to do Paxton's homework for a while until, much to her relief, after a while, Paxton doesn't want her to do his homework anymore. In, he wants her to tutor him so that he can work on his own accord.

At her house, Devi tutors Paxton, and she starts to teach him history in unusual ways such as rapping so that he gets the idea. Much to her shock, Nirmala gets a crush on Paxton whilst Nalini is mad at her for tutoring Paxton. Ultimately, after realizing that Nalini's extra pressure on her is the reason she is great at academics, Devi decides to act like an Indian mom towards Paxton to get the idea of studying in his head, much to the latter's amusement as they used to date.


A painstruck

Unfortunately, during the test, Paxton gets a panic attack and so he is not able to write anything. Devi calms Paxton down and manipulates Mr. Shapiro into retaking his exam, much to Paxton's utter bewilderment. Devi comes to Paxton's house, where she happily discovers he got a 'B' in the history test, with the former thanking her for tutoring him. Paxton tells Devi that he wants to remain simply friends with her as they have a complicated relationship, much to her disappointment. Nevertheless, Devi goes away with a smile happily agreeing with Paxton, as he doesn't hate her anymore.

New Indian Girl[]


My territory! Devi 2.0 enters.

At school, after fixing things with Paxton, Devi wants to patch things up with Ben as well, wanting forgiveness for her actions, with the former even refusing to talk to her properly. However, Devi quickly gets over this being happy that at least she got over some of her guilt. Then it gets worse; there’s a new transfer student who is also Indian—Aneesa Qureshi. When Mr. Shapiro asks Aneesa to introduce herself, and the class is impressed, making Devi feel inferior to her seeing how nicely everyone treats her. It doesn’t help when Aneesa is referred to as “Devi 2.0.”

During Eleanor and Devi's conversation about Aneesa, Eleanor thinks she’s cool, which irritates Devi. Much to Devi's unhappiness, she gets paired up with Aneesa everywhere from the same classes to similar extracurricular activities making Principal Grubbs making her Aneesa's tour guide. Seeing Aneesa getting treated much better than herby everyone else makes Devi feel extremely jealous. Much to her horror, Nalini tells her to bring Aneesa for the sleepover she and Eleanor were supposed to have, telling her to have more Indian friends.

Devi's decision.

Devi making the decision to sneak out of the house.

During the sleepover, Devi immediately gets jealous of Aneesa impressing everyone in her family, Eleanor, doing the very things she could never do. When Eleanor finds out that Malcom Stone wants to meet her through his texts and asks Aneesa for advice, much to her fury. Hence, to make Aneesa jealous of her and make Eleanor happy, she plans to sneak out of the house with them after everyone is asleep to meet Malcom.

Much to her shock, when they go and meet Malcom, she finds Ben with him as they are childhood friends who studied in the same Hebrew school. She wants to leave, but she decides to stay there to support her friends. Much to her happiness, Aneesa roasts Ben when he makes fun of Devi as she introduces them to each other, discovering that her new friend might be better than she expected.

During the night, the group goes off to a tattoo parlor where Ben tricks Devi into getting a nose ring, if he gets a tattoo. After leaving the tattoo parlor, Malcom kisses Eleanor, with the former telling her she would break up with Oliver. However, after these amazing moments, Devi is stunned as she learns that Ben never got a real tattoo and how he hates her, due to how about how she followed Paxton after the party, leaving him alone, telling her they will never be friends.

Image 32

Devi's rage!

As she goes to sleep, with Ben's words still feeling painful she forgets to take off her nose ring. Fortunately, Aneesa saves her from her mother by telling her that she was the one who encouraged it saying how the nose ring represents Indian femininity, much to Devi's joy. Back at school, Devi decides to give Aneesa a chance at friendship, realizing how great of a friend she is to her and how relatable she is. However, this is until she sees her spending time together with Ben, making her anger reach to the top.

Devi vs Aneesa[]

At school, Devi realizes that what she thought was a normal relationship between Ben and Aneesa, may have been more than she thought, and is jealous seeing them together every time throughout the day. Deeply disturbed by this, Devi talks to Dr. Ryan about this telling her how angry she is at Aneesa, and how she never chose Ben, believing they can still get together if Aneesa goes away - who tells her to listen to something calming.

Devi's jealousy rises as she witnesses Aneesa getting closer to her friends. To Devi's dismay, she has failed P.E. and to redeem her grade if she goes to the 24-hour relay, whilst getting as many people as she can with her. She tells her friends and Aneesa invites Ben from her side making Devi extremely irritated. During this moment, she goes into another room and listens to her dad's voicemail to calm herself down.

Back at school, while trying to teach Paxton using her flashcards, from whom she discovers that the charity event is an excuse to hook up for people, making her even more panicked when she sees Ben and Aneesa, making her abandon Paxton. Devi finds out Ben has booked a 9 P.M. slot for hooking up with Aneesa at Trent's tent. Hence, Devi conspires to keep Ben and Aneesa separate, by making them run laps again and again. However, by the time when she gets back from her lap, she fails to stop them hooking up. Much to her fury, she has her phone, not being able to listen to her dad's voicemails anymore.

Devi and Aneesa

Devi comforts Aneesa

Enraged and stressed after losing her voicemails, Devi accidentally tells Zoe and Shira, how she thinks Aneesa is anorexic. The next morning, Devi sees a sobbing Aneesa, who is upset that a rumor is going around about her being anorexic, which is actually true. Realizing she spread this rumor unintentionally when angry, she comforts Aneesa - as she feels extreme guilt for her horrible actions.

While Nalini picks her from the relay, she finds her P.E. grade upgraded to an "A", however she isn't happy about this - still feeling remorse about her actions, and listening to her father’s old voicemails to calm her down. Back at the school, the rumor is spreading like wildfire, making Devi feel extremely at fault as Aneesa is not in class. Much to her shock and fear, Devi is called into the principal’s office.

Exposed and Suspended[]

Devi is called to the principal's office, so she could comfort Aneesa and find the one who started the rumor about her. Feeling scared about getting in trouble, Devi goes all out to prevent Aneesa from finding out she started it - to avoid punishment, by being the best companion she can be to Aneesa and pin the rumor on somebody else. When Fabiola and Eleanor also get involved into the case to help Aneesa, they find out Shira and Zoe spread the rumor to half the school, however they still don't know that Devi started the rumor - because she was forgettable, making Devi feel guilty for her actions.

Devi alone

Devi realizes she messed up as her friends leave her alone.

Back at her home, Devi continues to stay guilty, whilst planning for the sleepover she has with Aneesa, Fab, and Eleanor. During the sleepover, Aneesa tells Devi and her friends that she’s in a rehab program, and she explains that she appreciates Devi so much for all her help. Devi blurts out that she was the one that spread the rumor because she freaked out, feeling guilty.

Devi storms off, mad at how two fights happen end back to back.

Devi storms off mad at how she had two fights back-back.

Back at school, Devi tells Fabiola and Eleanor that she feels awful about her actions, and she wants to apologize to Aneesa, However, before she can, Principal Grubbs calls her to her office. Much to her shock upon reaching there, Nalini is also there doing nothing, as Devi is now suspended for spreading the rumor, and her mother remains silent — it will be on her record. Devi tries to talk to Aneesa so she can do something about her suspensions, however she refuses to do so calling her crazy for being a selfish friend. Then, Paxton blames Devi for him failing his bio test. Devi says it isn’t her fault and tells him that if he wants good grades, he should be a good student, and she storms off being mad at how she had two fights back-to-back.



Devi regrets her actions.

After her suspension, Devi is being grounded at home with having no access to technology at all, and not being allowed to do anything except help her grandmother, much to her own dismay. Whilst Devi is eating dinner with her family, Ben comes to Devi's house and scolds her on how she ruined Aneesa's life and how she needs to sort it out before she gets out of Sherman Oakes. Ben's words make Devi guilty towards her harsh behavior towards Aneesa.

Grand apology

Devi's 'grand apology' ends up in her feeling more regretful than ever.

During her therapy session, she has a discussion with Dr. Ryan, feeling guilty about potentially ruining Aneesa's life, their friendship, along with extreme anger towards herself for ruining things with Ben. Devi tells her how she wants to make an apology to get Aneesa back as a friend, and more importantly Ben. Disappointed, Dr. Ryan tries convincing Devi to make a genuine apology, so she gets mental clarity, something which Devi could not understand. Devi escapes her home and goes to Sherman Oakes to apologize to Aneesa, hoping to get her back, making a grand plan with Fabiola and Eleanor to do that. However, her grand plan miserably fails as it ends up making Aneesa feel like a bigger freak, leaving Devi extremely confused and flustered.

Devi wants to be friends with Aneesa.

Devi wants to be friends with Aneesa.

Eventually, Devi she realizes her wrongdoing looking back at memory lane by remembering the biggest apology her dad gave to her mom, understanding instead of making a grand apology in size, she must make one grand at heart. Hence, Devi goes to the school again to apologize like she did before, however this time she is there to comfort Aneesa does not force something out of her.

She goes to the cafeteria and starts making fun of herself by reminding everyone how crazy she is, to show Aneesa how she finally understands her pain and how terribly guilty she feels by the horrible actions she had committed towards her. Seeing such an genuine act of apology makes Aneesa forgive her, much to Devi's delight.

Devi and Nalini's understanding for each other.

Devi finally realizes much her mother means to her.

However, Aneesa says that to keep her at Sherman Oaks, she has must manipulate and convince her mother, Noor to keep her there, something which Aneesa can't do. Devi realizes that while she cannot convince Aneesa's mother, only her mother can as she is the only other Indian woman around, so she invites Noor to meet Nalini, who she agrees to help her.

Much to her happiness, Nalini manages to convince Aneesa's mother, with Devi thinking Nalini is a hero and their bond stronger than ever. Returning to school next week, Devi is elated to find that both Ben and Aneesa had forgiven her, with Devi hoping even though she made up Aneesa for the reasons she may get Ben back. Although, her dreams are crushed as Ben tells her that he wants to date Aneesa now.

Mock Trial[]


Devi tries to apologize to Paxton.

Devi goes to school where she is glad that Ben started talking to her again, as Ben and Aneesa officially get together as a couple, following Aneesa's confirmation from Devi, who agrees, wanting to follow a more mature approach. Devi and Fabiola notice Malcolm's toxic behavior towards Eleanor, trying to tell her about it but failing miserably.

Devi goes to Mr. Kulkarni's class and apologizes to Paxton for yelling at him, with the former forgiving her. Although, Paxton tells her he doesn't need her help anymore. Mr. Kulkarni announces that the class will make a mock trial based on whether or not Daisy Buchanan is responsible for murder of Jay Gatsby. Paxton, Fabiola, along with Malcom get paired for the offense, while Ben, Devi, and Aneesa get paired for the defense, much to her annoyance.

Bronze Trio

Consoling Eleanor, preparing for revenge

Ben and Aneesa are at Devi's house for the mock trial's preparation and flirt with each other, much to Devi's annoyance. Kamala comes to the rescue of Devi by bringing in Pati who silenced them by annoying them with her talks, making Devi settle down for a bit. Devi goes to Mr. Kulkarni where she asks him to switch her into a different group, as she cannot stand the constant PDA of Ben and Aneesa, which he refuses. Fabiola tells Devi how she suspects Malcolm is "cheating" on Eleanor with Isabella, resulting in a furious Devi.

Devi's team

Devi's team loses in an academic competition.

Back to the school cafeteria, Fabiola and Devi inform Eleanor about how Malcom might be cheating on her showing her the texts she saw on his phone, making Eleanor enraged and Devi feeling proud of her friend for taking a stand for herself. Devi is studying at home, then Ben arrives where he asks her if things were okay with him dating Aneesa. Feeling emotional, she tells him that she is fine with it as he deserves far better than herself. The mock trial happens at school, and Paxton's team wins due to Fabiola proving Daisy Buchanan as guilty, along with how Aneesa hadn't prepared her arguments.

Devi crying while walking home.

Devi is crying walking home, going past Paxton's car.

After this, at the locker bay, Eleanor comes to Fabiola and Devi with immense anger, yelling at them Malcom telling Malcom didn't cheat on him, and she believes her friends are toxic, due to Malcom's manipulations. She further insults Devi by telling her that just because her life was bad, she didn't need to "take a dump" over hers, badly breaking Devi's heart. Devi is incredibly sad as she goes home in tears, as her efforts to be a selfless kind friend weren't enough for Eleanor.

Blow it up

Blow it up, eh blow it up.

Devi finds Paxton, who offers her a ride back home, as she is "looking puffy." Devi shares her pain with Paxton, telling him how she had a fight with Eleanor, with the former sharing how he feels "dumb" all of the time. Devi consoles him, telling him he is not dumb, he just needs push himself beyond his limits. Just as Devi reaches home, she and Paxton notice Nalini and Dr. Jackson flirting with each together in his car much to her anger.

Spying on Nalini's Date[]

Devi looks on in rage as she sees Nalini and Dr. Jackson flirt with each other in his car. Back at home, Devi subtly questions Nalini about Dr. Jackson, but she fails to wring a confession out of her. Enraged, Devi asks Fabiola for advice about her mother being with Dr. Jackson, who tells her that maybe Nalini is just trying to grieve her dad's death through Dr. Jackson, making Devi feel disgusted. Furthermore, Eleanor still refuses to forgive them, annoying her further.

Devi reads Nalini's diary

Devi reads Nalini's diary and spies on her

Devi discovers how Nalini, and Dr. Jackson are preparing for their date at his house, after sneakily reading her diary. After Nalini leaves, Devi gets Kamala with her to go to Dr. Jackson's house to spy on her. Devi and Kamala are on the way to gather proof of Nalini dating Dr. Jackson. They climb up to his house's roof and peek through the window to see their date. Seeing both of them together makes her enraged and her phone falls into the hot tub, deleting Devi's voicemails of her dad much to her sadness.

Nalini and Dr. Jackson discovers Devi in his house's hot tub much to Devi's shock. They have a strong confrontation about whether Nalini is dating Dr. Jackson or not, to which she along with Dr. Jackson denies saying it was a dinner for work, making Devi feel guilty for doubting on her mom and Dr. Jackson. As soon as, Devi reaches home Nalini is infuriated at Devi for coming between her and Dr. Jackson's moment, making her call Devi crazy in anger, making Devi extremely sad as she goes into her room, wondering the truth of those words feeling horrible.

Devi heals

Devi after confronting her worst fear.


Back at school, Devi fails to prepare her report due to her family drama, making Paxton go for his presentation. Paxton's successful presentation makes Devi feel extremely proud of him. Devi owns up to Dr. Ryan, on her insecurities about being crazy in which she confesses everything going wrong in her life, due to her. Dr. Ryan tells her not to worry, which means she is emotional not crazy and despite that she will have an incredibly happy, rich life, helping Devi console herself.

Image 58

Nirmala's incredibly light slap.

Devi goes to find her mother at her clinic to apologize to her for her actions, to her shock discovering her mother's lies, seeing her kissing Dr. Jackson, looking at her angrily the moment after. Devi admits to Nalini that lying to her was wrong, and she shouldn't date anyone telling her she feels she was never hurt over her dad's death as much as she thought. Much to her grandma's anger who gives her an exceptionally light slap, makes Devi go to her room.

Devi and Paxton are about to kiss

Paxton and Devi

Much to her shock, Paxton comes to Devi's room through her window to meet with her, passionately kissing her, and they spend time with each other in her room before Paxton goes back through the window. Pati confronts Devi in her room and makes her realize how everyone every moment in life matters and it shouldn't be wasted fighting. Realizing the urgency of the situation, she goes to her mother and makes up with her, which ends up with them bonding with each other and looking at Mohan's old memories to cheer themselves up.

Devi wonders

Devi wondering if Paxton played her.

Back at school, Devi watches Eleanor's play. Following her successful play, Eleanor and Devi make up with each other with the former apologizing for her horrible behavior. They discuss the Winter Dance, and just as Devi believes Paxton will go with her. Paxton surprises her by suddenly calling her a "pal" which makes Devi wonder their relationship status.

Paxton and the Winter Dance[]

Devi cries

Devi cries in the bathroom after her public rejection by Paxton.

Devi continues to wonder what Paxton's actions at school meant, until Paxton pops up at her window again, saying that he doesn't like PDA, still leaving Devi confused. When she tells Eleanor and Fabiola about her situation, she realizes that Paxton is ashamed of her. Seeing people propose to each other for the Winter Dance makes Devi extremely disappointed as Paxton didn't propose to her.

Seeing Aneesa propose to Ben for the Winter Dance, Devi asks Paxton to go with her. Much to her sadness, Paxton publicly rejects her. Ben pops in and consoles Devi, telling her Paxton's decision to reject her was bad, making her wonder why Ben cares for her suddenly.

Devi and Paxton

"Either we do this in secret or not at all"

Devi and Paxton meet each other, where Paxton finally confesses that he is indeed embarrassed of having her as his girlfriend because of all she had made him go through. He tells her either this would be a private relationship, or not one at all, leaving Devi confused. Initially, she decides to have a private relationship with him instead, however she decides that she deserves better after a visit from Mohan in her dreams. Devi tells Paxton that "she cannot be her secret hookup," she desires more, saying she is sorry leaving him, telling him he is good at kissing.

The Winter Dance[]

Devi's loneliness.

Devi is lonely as she witnesses her friends and everyone else at the Winter Dance having a great time.

At the Winter Dance, Devi decides to go on a date with Eleanor instead as friends. Later, as Fabiola is not coming to the dance, she finds her in the Science room soaked in tears not being able to fit in. Devi consoles her friend, telling her she needs to embrace her identity as they all love her for who she is. Seeing Fabiola and Eve get crowned Cricket Queens, Trent asking Eleanor for dance, and seeing all the couples around her makes her want to leave feeling lonely.

As she leaves, all a sudden, she gets hit by a car making her temporarily unconscious. Much to her surprise, it was Paxton's car, and looking at Devi he asks if she is fine, as her dress is heavily padded. She asks him what he is here for, and much to her happiness he excitedly tells her he came here as her boyfriend. Feeling happy, they kiss each other and then walk into the Winter Dance together facing others with confidence. Much to Devi's anger, just as they begin to dance, the DJ ramps the music up, though they continue to slow dance anyways, with Devi being happy as they continue to dance and then exchange a kiss.

Season 3[]

Dating Paxton[]

NeverHaveIEver Season3 Episode1 00 09 07 08R

Devi unhappy at her therapist's office

Devi is now full of pride as she and Paxton are officially an item. However, the mean girls hypothesize how the school's hottest guy is going out with a nerd like Devi. They found out through a high school gossip TikTok account under the name Lady Whistle Boy, who uploaded and streamed a video of the two lovebirds holding hands and kissing.

This makes Devi anxious and her mood is low during her Happy Boyfriend Party in her therapy session. Devi tells Dr. Ryan about the mean girls and what they called her, and Dr. Ryan advises her to not let them define her. The two agree that she is going to take the high road, even though they both know that she isn't actually going to do that.

The very next day, Devi confronts the mean girls about what they said and tells them that she and Paxton have not had sex. They reply that because of that, Paxton will break up with Devi soon. So when Paxton asks her on a date, she becomes awkward.

NHIE 301 Unit 02888RC

Devi getting ready for her date

While getting ready for her date that evening, Eleanor and Aneesa inform Devi that she must ensure her PTA is fresh. PTA is an acronym that the girls came up with, and stands for pits, tits, and ass. She also tries to borrow Kamala's underwear, but gets caught doing so. Kamala sits down with her and advises her she shouldn't have sex unless she is ready.

After their dinner, Paxton and Devi get it on, but Paxton quickly realizes that she is not ready. He is kind and understanding when Devi tells him she is indeed not ready for sex, agreeing he is content with just watching some TikToks together. Unfortunately, he never sees the G-string she made from her shoelaces.

Unfortunately, just as Devi's fears of inadequacy are calmed, she receives an anonymous text from someone warning her Paxton is not who she thinks he is. The texts turns out to be from Haley, one of Paxton's exes who is also in the orchestra club. Devi convinces Paxton to make peace with his past flings, including Haley.

On Valentine's Day, a compatibility test reveals that Devi is compatible with Eric and Paxton with Haley, causing jealousy in Devi. Paxton breaks up with Devi, citing her lack of self-love as the reason.

Dating Des[]

Nalini asks Devi to bring her friend's son Des to a party Devi is going to. Initially expecting Des to be a nerd, Devi ends up finding herself attracted to him during the event when she finally meets him in person. Devi and Des dance, catching Paxton's attention. Weeks later, Des stops texting Devi, which upsets Devi. She tries to improve her flirting skills, and even kisses a guy named Alejandro, but she still has Des on her mind.

Ben gives Devi some advice and she ends up asking Des for a date. Des admits to Devi that he didn't text her because he could see she still had feelings for Paxton. Devi tells him she and Paxton are over, and the two agree to go out on a date.

Nalini allows Devi to date Des because he is from a respectable family, but Des' mother doesn't feel the same way and asks Des to break up with Devi.


Devi gets into a school for the gifted called Shrubland. Initially, Devi and her mom decide she won't go but eventually they fly to Colorado to visit the school. Devi decides she wants to go.

Losing her Virginity[]

Ben half-jokingly gives her a pass for "one free boink". Devi later finds out all of her friends lost their virginities. She goes to see Ben, hands him the pass he gave her, and the two begin to make out.

Season 4[]

Encouter with Ben[]

In the aftermath of her sexual encounter with Ben, both Devi and Ben feel awkward about it and aren't sure how to act around each other. Over the summer, Ben ignores Devi while pursuing a relationship with Margot.

Senior Year[]

At the start of senior year, Devi gets into a public feud with Margot over Ben. She suspects Margot of vandalizing her car, which creates tension between them. Devi's mother, Nalini, informs her that she will have to pay for the car repair, leaving Devi short on money for a school visit to New York campuses.

Interest in Ethan[]

Devi discovers that Ethan, a popular classmate, vandalized her car and she has a confrontation with him. This sparks his interest in Devi because of her confidence. Devi isn't into Ethan at first but eventually she sees him in a different light and starts to like him. Devi worries about betraying her friend Eleanor, who also has feelings for Ethan. At a party, Ethan kisses both Eleanor and Devi, straining their friendship.

Applying to College[]

Devi's college aspirations come into focus when she attends a college fair with her friends. She becomes determined to get into Princeton and takes various steps to improve her chances. However, she faces setbacks and is deferred from Princeton while her friend Fabiola is admitted. This creates a temporary rift between the two, but they reconcile later.

Closure with Paxton[]

Devi develops a new bond with Paxton when he returns to work as a teacher at the school. He helps her navigate her feelings and college decisions. They share a kiss but decide not to pursue a relationship. Devi finally feels like she has closure with him.

End of Senior Year[]

Despite the ups and downs, Devi's determination pays off when she is accepted into Princeton. She graduates valedictorian and spends the summer with her friends.

Romance with Ben[]

Ben, who had left for an internship in New York, returns and admits his love for Devi. They decide to give their relationship a shot and attend nearby universities.




Mohan Dancing

Mohan dancing happily, as Devi plays the harp

Devi had an incredibly close relationship with her father. Mohan was the parental figure who understood her the most, and was there whenever she needed him to be. A trait which she admired the most. Devi had a high degree of respect for her father, as shown by how she idolized and loved her him, and in remembering his advice during the most of difficult times. Devi deeply admired her father's understanding and loving nature towards her and her mother.

After Mohan's death, Devi was absolutely devastated. She became temporarily paralyzed from the waist down for three months. This condition was later diagnosed by Devi’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ryan, as Psychosomatic Weakness; a trauma response to watching her beloved father die suddenly in front of her. Even after the shock of it all wore off, Devi deeply missed Mohan. Constantly reminiscing all of the wonderful times she had with him, feeling incredibly trapped, and feeling unable to properly express her grief.

At one point, Devi even believed Mohan returned to her in the form of a coyote, and as a result she was attacked when she tried to approach it. Devi’s emotional pain reached a pinnacle when she felt that she was all alone with no one by her side, especially her mother Nalini. She even temporarily moved out of her house at one point due to feeling abandoned by Nalini. After some soul searching, and advice from her friends, Devi finally recognized her grief and reconciled with her mother on Mohan's birthday. She finally agreed to spread her father’s ashes, and let go of the pain that came with his death, feeling he would want them happy.

However, despite how far she had progressed in her grief, Devi still struggled with fully accepting Mohan's death, often listening to his voicemails whenever she felt in despair. Devi felt as life moved forward, Mohan was disappearing from her and her mother’s lives. When the voicemails of Mohan were lost, Devi was devastated feeling she could never hear him again. However, this qualm was eventually resolved by Nalini who offered her support by showing her Mohan's old video recordings for her - the ultimate display of Mohan's affection.


Devi and Nalini have a complicated mother-daughter relationship due to their frequent disagreements with each other, and their contrasting ways to handle things. This is often caused by their ineffective communication, as revealed by Devi's therapist. Up until Mohan's death, he was the one who had interacted with Devi the most, and he was the glue that kept the family together. After his death, things unraveled further as Nalini and Devi mourned their loss.

Devi's paralysis deeply concerned Nalini, leading to her becoming more strict towards her daughter, though this was out of love. Later on, when Nalini wanted to move to India to have help from her family in raising her only daughter, Devi left the house in protest, believing Nalini never loved her. When Devi arrives at the beach to help spread her father’s ashes, Nalini finally opened up to Devi on how much she loves her and how deeply Mohan’s death has affected her. This reunion allows Devi to understand her mother better.

Devi loves her mother dearly, as seen by how she never really wanted to hurt Nalini, even during the toughest moments. However, she’s had trouble expressing her love for her mother properly, as she felt her mother didn't love her back. Eventually, their relationship was given a new life, as the two realized how much they really loved each other.

Their relationship grows further when Nalini saves Devi's friend Aneesa from leaving Sherman Oakes High School by convincing Aneesa's mother, Noor, to give the school another chance. Nalini and Devi had a brief setback when Nalini began to date her colleague Dr. Jackson, which had made Devi quite upset. However, when Nalini broke it off with Dr. Jackson, and she and Devi reminisced over Mohan's memories, it seems as though all has been forgiven.



Kamala saves Devi from Ben and Aneesa's PDA.

Devi has a close relationship with her older cousin Kamala. This is shown by how she cares a lot about her, even though at times Devi tries to make her look ugly out of her own jealousy of thinking Kamala is a “perfect Indian girl.” They have grown to have a mutual respect for each other, as shown when Devi realized that Kamala isn't the “perfect Indian girl” after all when she finds out about her secret boyfriend, Steve. Kamala has respect for Devi’s tenacity, drive, and confidence in her actions.


Paxton Hall-Yoshida[]

For more info see, Devi and Paxton.

Ben Gross[]

Devi and Ben had been enemies since their early childhood, due to their respective competitive natures that led to several wars within the realm of academic achievements. Their academic rivalry eventually forced them to sign a pact to divide all extracurricular activities between them during sixth grade. They are both constantly jealous of each other, and bully each other to no end. However, their issues with each other eventually got better as they began to understand each other during their tough times, forming somewhat of a friendship and mutual respect for each other.

Ben soon starts to realize the depth of his feelings for Devi, as he attempted to kiss her twice at his birthday party. Their bond with each other grows even more when Ben supports Devi decision to leave her house, and allowed her to temporarily stay with him. Ben was deeply conflicted as he saw how Devi was going down a dark path—she wanted to get legally emancipated from her mother, and refused to go with her mother and Kamala to at last spread her dad's ashes in Malibu, his favorite place.

Seeing Devi's struggle, Ben reunited her with her best friends Fabiola and Eleanor, and they were finally able to convince her to attend the spreading of Mohan's ashes. Ben drove Devi back to her house, but her mother and cousin had already left. He then decided to drive Devi to Malibu to spread her dad's ashes. Ben stayed in his parked car the whole time to make sure Devi was okay. Touched by Ben’s compassion and kindness, Devi passionately kisses Ben, emotional from spreading her dad's ashes. Nalini sees the two kissing in the front seat, and angrily orders her daughter to come back to her car.

Ben and Devi have a will-they won't-they relationship, as Ben dates Aneesa and Devi Paxton. However, at the end of Season 3 they reconnect when Ben jokingly gives Devi a free "boink" pass. Devi takes him up on it and shows up at his door. They make out and shut the door behind them.

For more info see, Devi and Ben.





Ethan Morales[]

Devi and Ethan had a short-lived relationship in Season 4. However, before they became romantic partners. Ethan was described as short and unattractive and hadn't appeared in prior seasons. They officially got together after Ethan cleaned the vandalism he caused mistakingly from Devi's car. The two ended up splitting due to Ethan's mischievous immaturity.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • The name Devi means "goddess" in Sanskrit.
  • She got fired from retail because her hands were too sweaty.
  • She is a talented harpist.
    • Mohan got her into it, thinking it was an instrument of her level.
  • She is Hindu.
  • She is an honors student.
    • Due to this, she is known as the best peer tutor in Sherman Oaks.
  • She and Ben signed a pact to keep all extracurriculars separate at sixth grade.
    • This was because of their rather often violent (presumably on Devi's side) and gruesome rivalry.
    • They didn't split down sports, due to that involving too much locker room nudity.
    • This pact was broken by Devi during their sophomore year when she joined Model UN.
    • National Honor Society, Newspaper, MU Alpha Theta, Amnesty International, Young Democrats, Interact Club, UNICEF, Mock Trial, Chinese Club, Orchestra, Student Television Station, Rainbow Alliance, Animal Rights, and Spanish NHS were Devi's alloted clubs. [7]
  • She was in a wheelchair due to her paralysis.
  • Her dream college is Princeton University.
  • The grandest apology she ever heard was her dad asking her mom for forgiveness after he didn't go to her award ceremony just out of jealousy.
  • "Paxton69!" is the password to all her accounts, serving as futher proof of her obsession and crush on Paxton.
  • One of her teeth is fake. [8]
  • She is widely considered an Aries, due to her stubbornness and resilience.
  • She was president of 8 different clubs.[9]
  • She is a Gryffindor.
  • She has read every book in the school library, including the dictionaries.[10]


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